8 Insightful CX in BPO Case Studies to Read in 2022

Incredible examples of CX outsourcing solutions

8 Insightful CX in BPO Case Studies to Read in 2022
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Last Edited: May 18, 2022

Rebekah Carter

As customer demands increase and contact volumes accelerate to unmanageable levels, the demand for BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) solutions with a focus on CX is greater than ever. Increasingly, companies are turning to BPO providers to help them with everything from contact centre management to analytics and customer insights.

Of course, for BPO companies to deliver the kind of support today’s business leaders are looking for, they first need support from the right CX tool vendors.

Today, we’re going to be exploring some case studies covering how CX vendors have worked with innovators in the BPO landscape to bring the era of CX outsourcing to life.

Enghouse Interactive and Ascensos

Ascensos, an innovator in the future of contact centre outsourcing solutions, needed an advanced contact centre system to help it deliver a flexible and scalable customer service solution for it’s clients. After a competitive and intensive pitch process, the company chose to implement Enghouse Interactive’s Contact Centre solution, with support from Virgin Media Business.

According to Ascensos, the right choice of customer contact solution was essential to building a state-of-the-art contact centre vision. The Enghouse solution stood out from the pack in terms of flexibility and technical functionality. The versatility and adaptability of the technology, along with its ability to deliver agility in a time of transformation, were all crucial. You can read more about how Enghouse Interactive helped Ascensos to achieve its goals here.

Verint and Alorica

One of the companies named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BPO technology in the CX landscape this year, Alorica leveraged the help of Verint to help them boost customer satisfaction for Fortune 500 brands. The company leverages a selection of Verint Workforce Engagement solutions to support better customer experience and employee experience in the modern CX landscape.

The wide selection of tools used by Alorica by Verint include everything from Verint Enterprise Workforce management to Verint Speech analytics, and the Verint Community apps. With access to these powerful tools, the Alorica brand can empower employees to accomplish more when engaging with today’s consumers on the behalf of growing business leaders. Read more here.

Avaya and Atento

One of the world’s leading business process outsourcing companies partnered with one of the top contact centre solution providers to deliver exceptional results when Atento and Avaya joined forces. Atento offers a range of BPO services to its customers, including solutions for boosting CX in today’s complex digital environment. Through a partnership with Avaya, the company can leverage AI and contact centre technologies, perfect for strengthening relationships with clients.

The Avaya technology platform supports the exceptional multichannel interactions today’s customers expect, while giving employees the support they need to align conversations across multiple platforms. According to this case study from Avaya, Atento is driving significant improvements in agent productivity and customer satisfaction with the One Cloud Contact Centre platform.

RingCentral and the Sitel Group

The Sitel Group is one of the major companies listed by the Gartner Magic Quadrant as an innovator in the CX environment for 2022. Today, the company relies on a host of tools to ensure it can support its customers and drive excellent results for end users. One of the most important tools in the Sitel Group’s kit, is RingCentral video. The video technology, and RingCentral’s wider platform is helping agents to stay productive, and collaborate, even despite pandemic challenges.

According to the Sitel Group in this case study, the advantages of working with RingCentral have been significant. The company allows the Sitel team to access highly flexible environments which can scale up or down according to their needs. At the same time, RingCentral’s solution offers the added benefits of exceptional security and compliance.

Genesys and Releasy

Swedish provider of customer experience outsourcing solutions, Releasy, created a one-stop shop for omnichannel automation and AI excellence with a partnership from Genesys. As one of the fastest growing CX BPO providers, Releasy started off as an outsourcing company for just a handful of telecom, energy, and media markets. Today, the company is flourishing with a total of 5 contact centres offering exceptional customer experience.

To stay ahead of the curve, even in the face of the pandemic, Releasy decided to leverage extra technology from the Genesys ecosystem, in the form of the Genesys PureConnect application. Through technology from Genesys, Releasy was able to maintain consistent experiences for clients throughout the pandemic, and manage around 240,000 calls and 50,000 chat conversations per week. You can read more about the full case study here.

Five9 and Zevas

Business Process Outsourcing company, Zevas, found itself needing to upgrade it’s CX technology and accelerate its movement to the cloud during the pandemic. The company wanted a partner that would help it to accelerate an existing strategy for digital transformation, moving from an on-premises solution for managing client needs, to a cloud-based solution.

The Zevas team turned to Five9 in search of a simple and effective solution for transitioning to the age of hybrid work, and discovered a powerful cloud-based contact centre. The team now uses features like Five9’s silent coach to train new reps and have more effective conversations with customers. The solution has also helped Zevas to upgrade its omnichannel strategy for customer service, and create an “always available” approach to customer interactions. You can read the full case study here.

Twilio and Fondesk

One of the simplest examples of CX outsourcing in the modern environment, Fondesk created an innovative platform which allows companies to quickly and easily implement new services online, with immediate access to experienced operators. Once a business is established, operators are prepared to inquire into the purpose of a customer’s call, and can follow up via designated email or chat messages. This innovation, of course, requires access to the right technology.

To make this powerful and flexible CX outsourcing service as seamless as possible, Fondesk took advantage of the wide range of APIs provided by Twilio. Twilio’s intelligent programmable Voice and Programmable SMS solutions helped Fondesk to achieve a new level of innovation for their customers. Read the full case study here.




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