8 Insightful Retail and Distribution Case Studies to Read in 2022

Rebekah Carter

Inspiring Insights into the Power of CX

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8 Insightful Retail and Distribution Case Studies to Read in 2022

Excellent customer experience is the key to running any successful company. This is particularly true in the competitive world of retail and distribution. With so many other companies grappling to attract the same businesses or consumers, your brand’s survival relies on the right CX.

Fortunately, there are a host of vendors out there offering state-of-the-art solutions for CX innovations in the retail and distribution world. From tools to help you build new loyalty and referral programs, to solutions for contact centre management, you’re sure to find something that makes an impact.

To help inspire and guide your journey towards excellent CX in the retail and distribution world, we’ve collected a series of motivational case studies from the industry. Read on to learn more about what you could do with the right partners.

Vee24 and DFS

Committed to delivering powerful online and offline customer experience to thousands of furniture customers, DFS has always prioritised consumer satisfaction. In 2020, when the global pandemic disrupted businesses across the globe, DFS leveraged the Vee24 browser-based platform to immediately provide customer service agents with access to their consoles, wherever they were.

The Vee24 ecosystem allowed DFS to replace and replicate a number of crucial in-store experiences, with access to intelligent chatbots, text chat, video conversations and more. At the same time, DFS even implemented a “virtual viewing” service, to allow agents to show customers a product up-close through video for a better buying experience.

Talkdesk and Balsam Hill

With a mission of creating and distributing the world’s most realistic artificial Christmas wreaths, garlands, and trees, Balsam Hill takes a unique approach to the retail world. The company also manufacturers a range of wreaths and natural-looking décor for other seasons throughout the year. When the company realised its customer care system wasn’t as effective as it should be, they decided to turn to Talkdesk for help.

According to Balsam Hill, they have to scale their staff by around 15 times during a three-week Christmas sales peak, and handle a range of conversations with advanced features like call-back and overflow capabilities. Talkdesk offered Balsam Hill the tools they needed to not only manage calls more effectively, but track important customer data and insights too.

Genesys and See Tickets

Leading retail and distribution company See Tickets is best-known for delivering a host of event tickets to people from all walks of life. However, with thousands of events on its website at any given time, the company was struggling to keep up with customer inquiries, and providing accurate information. See Tickets turned to Genesys DX for help, and now uses a chatbot to handle 95% of inquiries, significantly reducing inbound calls.

According to See Tickets, implementing Genesys DX has led to a significant drop in calls, and excellent cost savings as a result, as well as improved accuracy and answering speed. See Tickets plans to continue using AI innovations to streamline its performance going forward.

Freshdesk and Beyond Retail

A leading UK-based company known for selling kitchen, bathroom, and heating products to a range of customers, Beyond Retail has built a significant name for itself over the years. The company serves all kinds of tradespeople, developers, landlords, and homeowners alike. In fact, the company’s website alone connects with 2 million annual visitors in search of affordable products. Unfortunately, as the Beyond Retail brand has continued to grow in recent years, the company has also struggled to manage the sheer volume of customer requests they face each day.

The existing solution the team was using to manage customer requests and inquiries simply wasn’t as efficient enough. As a result, the company decided to look into Freshdesk instead. With Freshdesk, Beyond Retail developed a better view of their ecosystem, and gained control over their ticket workflow.

Salesforce and Adidas

Easily one of the most famous sports companies and retailers in the world, Adidas serves a huge number of customers every day. To stay ahead of the competition, the Adidas team knows it needs to invest in intelligent digital and offline experiences, with plenty of access to useful customer data. Working with Salesforce, a market leader in the CRM landscape, Adidas decided to implement a digital-first approach to customer satisfaction.

The company started implementing a range of Salesforce products, including Salesforce Service and Commerce cloud, to provide customers with a new and improved way of finding their favourite products on the web. Salesforce’s technology also provides Adidas with a behind the scenes view of their customers and the purchasing journey.

Kustomer and Rainbow Shops

As demand for online and omnichannel experiences in the retail and distribution landscape have continue to grow in recent years, companies have been forced to evolve rapidly. Billion-dollar fashion retailer, Rainbow Shops, is one of the many companies that decided to make significant changes to its sales strategies in recent years. The company decided to modernize customer service by implementing the Kustomer CRM for omnichannel customer service.

With the new technology, the company was able to provide their agents across a range of customer service environments with an integrated view. The ecosystem provided a useful insight into the customer, operational efficiencies, and the channels available for delivering support. What’s more, it allows for a more seamless experience across all channels.

Ingersoll Rand and Zendesk

Launched in 1871, Ingersoll Rand started life as a supplier of precision drilling tools, before eventually becoming a global conglomerate responsible for producing a wide range of different tools. Known for powerful designs which help tools last for decades, the company’s products are sold through more than 5,000 licensed distributors.

The combination of a global footprint, and a wealth of both new and old products to manage caused a number of complex customer service challenges for the brand and its distributors over the years. Fortunately, implementing Zendesk allowed the company to boost collaboration, sort through customer service tickets faster, and deliver more memorable customer experiences.


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