8×8 Launches an Automation Tool for CPaaS

Charlie Mitchell

With a new no-code offering, 8x8 aims to simplify the process of building communication workflows

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8×8 Launches an Automation Tool for CPaaS

8×8 has enhanced its CPaaS offering with no-code tools, which offer a visual method to build communication workflows and engaging experiences without coding expertise.

Thanks to the new 8×8 Connect Automation Builder, it is now easier than ever for the vendor’s clients to create programmable communications into various applications.

New workflows may expand beyond departments – from marketing to customer support – and individual channels, enabling companies to engage with customers in new ways.

With access to real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, companies can also store, manage, and assess customer journey data from these new experiences.

Sharing more details, Marc Magnin, Head of Product, CPaaS at 8×8, said:

Automation Builder allows users to now leverage a convenient no-code, visual interface to design communication workflows and deploy them on 8×8 Connect.

“Further, it allows companies to automate their customer engagement at scale without putting strain on development teams or running developer infrastructure.”

As such, 8×8 aims to eliminate repetitive, manual work while scaling processes with the 8×8 Connect Automation Builder.

While doing so, users can grasp context from each channel and feed that data to service, sales and marketing. Cross-channel orchestration within a consolidated interface enables this.

Other eye-catching features that the 8×8 Connect Automation Builder offers users include:

  • Customizable iterations for tweaks and implementation
  • Pre-built workflow templates and drag-and-drop modules
  • Process optimization tools for customer support, marketing, and operations

Thanks to their ease of use, these features allow CX professionals to get closer to the CX transformation process. As Michael Brandenburg, Senior Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, said:

Line-of-business leaders are often in the best position to enhance workflows and processes, but only if they are given the right tools and technology. 8×8 with Automation Builder is lowering the barrier to entry for enterprises.

As a result, CX teams can build journeys around what is best for the customer instead of fixating on how the technology fits into the technology ecosystem.

Such is the attraction to CPaaS, with the technology being the first step for many customer service operations in their journey to the cloud – allowing them to connect contact centre channels with various enterprise systems.

Noting this, a recent Omdia study highlighted many more trends within the CPaaS space, comparing various vendors while noting strengths and cautions.

Elsewhere, 8×8 has also released many other innovations in recent months, including a Microsoft Teams bundle and an agent-centred CCaaS solution.



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