8×8 Names Samuel C. Wilson as Full-Time CEO

The move comes after Wilson's successful six-month stint as Interim CEO

8x8 Names Samuel C. Wilson Its Full-Time CEO
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Published: May 31, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

8×8 has announced Samuel C. Wilson as its full-time CEO, following six months in the interim role.

During that time, 8×8 has evolved its XCaaS strategy, which blurs the lines between CCaaS and UCaaS.

Previously, this strategy centered on drawing in customers with UCaaS, establishing relationships, and then offering up a CCaaS platform to meet additional communication requirements.

Yet, under Wilson’s guidance, 8×8 has performed a strategic switcheroo and now leads with CCaaS.

In doing so, the CEO hoped to win more business in the less saturated and less mature market.

8×8’s announcement of Wilson as the full-time CEO indicates that this new approach is gaining traction and opening up new opportunities for the vendor.

Jaswinder Pal Singh, Chairman of the Board at 8×8, suggested this when making the announcement.

“Sam’s performance during his tenure as interim CEO has been outstanding and made him the clear choice for CEO,” said Singh.

He has demonstrated remarkable leadership skills, a deep understanding of the industry, and a clear vision for the future of 8×8.

8×8’s latest earnings figures also underline Wilson’s early success, beating analyst estimates.

During that quarter, 8×8 did little to slow down its R&D spend either, giving its contact center platform an AI upgrade and executing on its revitalized XCaaS strategy.

New CEO, New Strategy

By becoming a contact-center-first vendor, Wilson and his team have seemingly created a more compelling argument for XCaaS.

How? Well, consider how it is not only contact center agents that use CCaaS tools anymore. Everybody from delivery drivers to store associates, marketing teams to account managers can benefit from the technology.

By bringing UCaaS to its pre-existing CCaaS customers, 8×8 can perhaps capitalize on that trend.

Indeed, the vendor may demonstrate how XCaaS brings contact center tools to workers outside of the service department. By doing so, 8×8 may ramp up customer value.

Moreover, by bringing UCaaS to service teams, contact centers can set up real-time support channels, improve knowledge sharing, and increase collaboration with the broader business.

As such, 8×8 can build quite the value-add proposition, and Wilson is excited to build this out further.

“We have an exceptional team, a remarkable product portfolio, a relentless focus on innovation, mixed with a commitment to exceptional customer service,” stated Wilson.

I am excited about the opportunity to lead 8×8 into its next chapter, driving growth and delivering unparalleled value to our customers around the world.

The Next Chapter

The next chapter that Wilson alludes to will include many more additions to its XCaaS platform, AI portfolio, and partner ecosystem – according to a press release.

The release also reaffirms the board’s belief that Wilson is the right to “steer 8×8 toward new opportunities for growth and market leadership.”

His track record as interim CEO, commitment to CX, and dedication to product excellence seem to be the biggest drivers in compounding this belief.

Meanwhile, Wilson likely exhibited these qualities in previous roles at 8×8.

There, he has also worked as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Customer Officer & Managing Director of EMEA, and SVP of SMBs & eCommerce.

In addition, Wilson brings 25 years of executive experience in the tech sector. With this, the CEO has developed an expertise in cloud-based communication, collaboration, and enterprise software.

As such, he may well be the best-placed person to take 8×8 forwards through a tricky macro-environment and murmurings of a possible RingCentral merger – even if that is only speculation.



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