8×8 Rues Lost Opportunities to Drive CCaaS Growth With Its UC Base

8x8 is looking to cross-sell its contact centre to its UC customer base

8x8 has held its Q3 FY23 earnings call.
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Last Edited: February 2, 2023

Ryan Smith

8×8 has not “done a great job” of using its UC customer base to cross-sell its contact center offering, according to Samuel Wilson, 8×8’s Interim CEO.

Seeing significant opportunities in the CCaaS market, Wilson stated:

The first and most important thing, and we have not done a great job of this yet, is cross-selling our contact centre into that UC base.

The admission was made by Wilson during the company’s third-quarter fiscal 2023 earnings call, where it was revealed that 8×8’s service revenue and total revenue had increased 18 per cent year-over-year.

During Q3, 8×8 also saw its cash flow from operations increase 72 percent year-over-year to $15.5 million.

Wilson took the opportunity during the call to state that 8×8 will focus on driving CCaaS innovation as a priority to further its already prominent market position.

He commented: “While UCaaS migration continues to create revenue and profit opportunities for efficient providers like 8×8, I believe the opportunities to differentiate based on stand-alone UCaaS are becoming increasingly rare.

“Our XCaaS platform, which delivers the high availability, scalability and security of a unified cloud native solution and a lower TCO is highly differentiated.

CX Today’s Charlie Mitchell somewhat predicted that CCaaS would become more of a priority for 8×8 following the termination of employment for the company’s former CEO, David Sipes, in November 2022.

He highlighted just how ripe the CCaaS market is for innovation, particularly compared to the UC space, which is much more mature.

While the vendor had begun to spin more contact center technologies into unified communications – with an example of this being the company’s Conversation IQ tool – there is an opportunity to do much more.

Moreover, with its CCaaS competitors dedicating all their resources to contact center innovation – and satisfying the end-user UC needs with a Teams integration – it may have to do more to keep up.

Nevertheless, there are clear opportunities in the market for 8×8 to expand into, but the company is no doubt in a transition period while it waits to appoint a permanent CEO.




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