Aisera, Microsoft Partner on AI Service Desk Solutions

William Smith

The partnership is utilising conversational AI and robotic process automation to boost customer and employee service

Aisera, Microsoft Partner on AI Service Desk Solutions

AI service experience platform Aisera has announced a partnership with technology giant Microsoft for the delivery of AI service desk solutions on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. 

Aisera’s offering enables companies to automate operations and support services such as requests and tickets across IT, HR, DevOps, and customer service departments – utilising AI technologies including natural language processing.  

Aisera’s AI service management offering integrates with existing service desks to enable functionality such as self-service with conversational AI.

The partnership has also seen Aisera become a member of the Microsoft for Startups programme. 

“Being a part of the Microsoft for Startups program is another proud moment for Aisera as we continue an era of explosive growth of the company having recently announcing a new round of funding, new customers including Dartmouth College, and exciting new integrations and partnerships that empower our enterprise-focused end-to-end automation services,” said Muddu Sudhakar, founder and CEO of Aisera 

“With the support of Microsoft as a key growth partner, we are prepared to take the next step in enhancing Aisera’s services, increasing our offerings and raising our auto-resolution rates for our enterprise customers.” 

The companies said they would work together to reduce resolution times and costs while improving user experiences. The AI Service Desk on Azure is specifically designed to automate repetitive requests and free up workers to facilitate more complex requests. 

Aisera’s solution also works on Microsoft Teams to automatically resolve IT issues experience by employees, using AI to speed up answers to knowledge requests and facilitate self-service. 

“The Microsoft for Startups program was started with the goal of assisting innovative startups, like Aisera, to escalate their growth so they can reach the enterprise businesses that need their solutions,” said Jeffrey Ma, Vice President, Microsoft for Startups. “It’s clear that Aisera will be another success story for the Microsoft for Startups program and we look forward to working alongside their team to make that happen.”



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