Alorica Partners with Automation Anywhere to Boost AI Capabilities

The CX solutions specialist is targeting GenAI to take it to the next level.

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Published: February 28, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Alorica has partnered with Automation Anywhere to expand and enhance its customer experience offerings with GenAI-powered intelligent automation.

Through the collaboration, Alorica will leverage Automation Anywhere’s Intelligent Automation Platform to build innovations that will improve its response times and deliver more tailored interactions across multiple channels.

The Magic Quadrant leading customer service BPO provider believes that implementing these GenAI solutions will also significantly advance the employee experience.

Such innovation will cross many industries, assisting Alorica employees in numerous tasks, such as improving efficiency, personalization, simplicity, and satisfaction.

Following the announcement, Harry Folloder, Chief Digital Officer at Alorica, commented: 

This is a huge step toward advancing our business transformation strategy for clients, enabling brands to win more effectively with their customers with less effort in the long run.   

“Our vision is to expand the adoption of our GenAI solutions across the CXM industry to significantly increase CX employee satisfaction while gaining customer trust and loyalty.”

This is Just the Beginning

As the self-professed deliverer of “insanely great digital customer experiences at scale,” Alorica IQ – the company’s digital foundry – has a track record of building strategic partnerships that allow it to provide innovative tech solutions to its clients.

Automation Anywhere appears to be an ideal partner, with the combination of specialized and generative AI used within the company’s Intelligent Automation solutions, the exact sort of disruptive tool that Alorica claims to covet.

An example of the kinds of innovations that Automation Anywhere is capable of can be seen in its “human-in-the-loop” automation. The tool uses GenAI to tackle more complex contact center issues, such as advanced image recognition, and managing numerous intents in a conversational AI model with end-user customers.

The two companies have also launched a “taskforce for joint go-to-market efforts”, as they look to capitalize on the potential of their combined skillsets by delivering tailored automation solutions and GenAI-powered service offerings.  

Speaking about the opportunities that the partnership will provide, Mihir Shukla, CEO and Co-Founder of Automation Anywhere, stated:  

Our partnership gives Alorica the power of our Intelligent Automation platform to reimagine the future of customer service and contact center experiences.  

“Our collaboration empowers Alorica to deploy next-generation CX solutions for companies, leveraging GenAI to significantly enhance customer experiences for Alorica’s clients and their end-user customers.” 

Other Partnerships

While Alorica’s latest partnership is a significant move in the GenAI space, it has been targeting AI advancements for some time.

In November 2023, the CX solutions provider announced that it would be incorporating Genesys Cloud CX to bolster its AI capacity.

Alorica believed that Genesys’ technology would enable it to map and solve specific customer pain points, as well as enhance customer loyalty and business outcomes.

The Genesys Cloud CX platform has been responsible for a number of notable customer wins, including communications improvements for 12,000 B2B customers for a major telecoms client, and providing self-service AI solutions for a popular beauty and skincare organization that led to an 18 percent rise in customer retention.  


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