Avaya Experience Platform Review: Flexible, Scalable CX

Your behind the scenes guide to the Avaya Experience Platform

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Avaya Experience Platform Review Flexible, Scalable CX - CX Today News
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Published: February 7, 2024

Rebekah Carter

It’s no secret that optimizing experience is crucial to success in today’s world. A unified approach to enhancing experiences, not just for customers, but for agents and employees too, is what sets market leaders apart from their competitors.  

However, delivering an optimized experience to every staff member and customer can be a challenging process. Rapid digital transformation, changing expectations, and evolving priorities place significant pressure on businesses from all industries.  

With limited budgets to work with, and little time to invest in team training, companies need to prioritize an all-on-one platform for experience management, capable of making innovation simple, streamlined, and affordable. Avaya’s Experience Platform aims to deliver on this need.  

The comprehensive solution combines collaboration and workforce management, with omnichannel customer service, and state-of-the-art automation and AI tools.  

Here’s everything business leaders should know about the platform.  

The Avaya Experience Platform: Core Features 

The Avaya Experience Platform is designed to help organizations deliver effortless, optimized customer experiences across a variety of channels and devices.  

However, it also aligns the areas of customer and employee experience, empowering team members to accomplish more, with a selection of powerful resources. This flexible cloud-based platform allows teams to access all the capabilities they need for engaged customers and employees in one ecosystem, without the need for additional hardware or software investments.  

As a highly scalable solution, it can extend to support remote offices and work-at-home deployments, and delivers intuitive results with minimal training. Key capabilities include: 

  • Browser-based desktop: Employees can serve and manage customer interactions using an intuitive modern desktop, which combines interactions, data, and insights from various sources, including business systems and CRM tools.  
  • Voice: Inbound and outbound voice capabilities, with auto-answering tools, redirecting features, attribute routing, enhanced transfer, and full reporting.  
  • Email, chat, and messaging: Leverage the digital communication landscape with email templates and routing capabilities, always-on messaging solutions, and customizable web chat and messaging applications with transfer options.  
  • BYOC: Companies can keep up with changing customer expectations by integrating common messaging channels like WhatsApp into the same ecosystem.  
  • Attribute routing: Intelligent routing capabilities featuring market-leading algorithms capable of considering situational context alongside customer data and employee attributes. 
  • Customer journey intelligence: Comprehensive timeline views of customer interactions across multiple channels, to help employees personalize and optimize conversations. 
  • Self-service automation: Intelligent resources and AI systems for natural speech and touch-tone based customer service. Conversational AI tools can also assist with sales scripts, compliance statements, FAQs, and more  
  • Preview dialing: Present customer contact details to employees prior to conversations, enabling rapid problem resolution and opportunity management.  
  • Voice and screen recording: Full-time enterprise recording and archiving solutions for collecting voice and screen data throughout the contact center landscape.  
  • Workforce management: Manage teams more effectively with a comprehensive WFM tool, as well as various solutions for business process orchestration, automation, and quality management, all included in the same ecosystem.  
  • Collaboration: Integrated Avaya Cloud Office on any subscription improves employee engagement, and empowers teams to collaborate effectively with file sharing, task management, virtual team rooms and more.  

Other core features include everything from CRM integration to self-service administration tools, and unified reporting solutions. Companies can even leverage in-depth analytics and speech analysis tools, as well as privacy, compliance, and security resources.  

Perhaps most importantly for the types of customers that Avaya serves, the solution offers what Avaya calls “innovation without disruption”. The idea is that, if you’re running a contact center on- premises—like Avaya Call Center Elite—you can seamlessly add features from the cloud through Avaya Experience Platform Connect. This hybrid approach, says Avaya, is additive innovation, enabling its existing customers to extend the life of their on-prem estates, while still consuming new services from the cloud.  

The Benefits of the Avaya Experience Platform 

Avaya’s Experience Platform is designed to help companies compete in a world where delivering excellent experiences is crucial to success. More than just a standard CCaaS solution, the all-in-one platform unifies elements of UCaaS, CCaaS, and other tools. It empowers teams to accomplish more in a single pane of glass environment.  

Some of the core benefits of the Avaya Experience Platform include: 

  • True omnichannel capabilities: Avaya ensures companies can connect with their customers wherever they are, utilizing a variety of omnichannel tools. Alongside powerful messaging and email tools, the solution comes with state-of-the-art voice capabilities, bring your own channel solutions, and a host of self-service automation options.  
  • Powerful insights: Data is crucial to developing strong customer and employee experiences. Fortunately, Avaya makes it simple to collect valuable metrics. The Experience Platform comes with intelligent customer journey orchestration and insight capabilities, screen and voice recording tools for compliance and training, and a host of analytical resources for monitoring quality, customer sentiment, and business outcomes.  
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI innovations form a significant part of the Avaya Experience platform. Alongside various self-service tools, business leaders can leverage conversational AI to help guide agents through customers, automated compliance triggers, and intelligent speech analytics capabilities. There are even various solutions for workflow automation. 
  • Ease of use: Despite its huge selection of cutting-edge tools and capabilities, the Avaya Experience Platform offers a convenient, streamlined user experience. Companies can take advantage of intelligent tools for attribute routing, to improve employee efficiency, and there are self-service automation and administration tools available for users to leverage. 
  • Excellent security: As well as compliance triggers and call/screen recording tools for compliance purposes, Avaya takes a variety of measures to ensure conversations are protected. The company implements state-of-the-art privacy and security tools throughout its entire ecosystem, and can even offer specialist support to teams with unique requirements regarding regulatory compliance.  

The Avaya Experience Platform: Verdict 

Staying one step ahead in the experience economy is about more than just understanding and adapting to customer preferences. Businesses need to understand both their audience, and the employees they serve to generate exceptional results.  

The Avaya Experience Platform enhances both CX and EX at the same time, offering a range of tools designed to empower both employees, and the customers they serve. What’s more, the innovative platform is constantly evolving, driven by Avaya’s commitment to constant growth and development. With the Avaya Experience Platform, businesses can digitally transform and grow at a pace that suits them, deploying everything from automation to AI tools and sentiment analysis capabilities.  

With this robust all-in-one ecosystem, businesses get everything they need to delight and engage their employees, improve customer service and increase sales.  


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