Avaya Launches a “Ready to Deploy” Virtual Agent

Charlie Mitchell

The innovation will allow companies to implement conversational AI within minutes

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Avaya Launches a “Ready to Deploy” Virtual Agent

Avaya has released a virtual agent for customer self-service that contact centres can implement in “just a few minutes”.

Historically, high complexity has hindered the development and delivery of effective virtual agents. A 2021 Ipsos Mori study alludes to this struggle, finding that – after their last virtual agent interaction – only one in three customers would recommend that company to others.

Digging deeper, the research shows that just 50 percent of these customers had their queries successfully resolved.

However, Avaya aims to change the game by removing this complexity with a pre-built, cloud-based virtual agent. Through Avaya OneCloud Platform, companies can harness these use case templates designed to address everyday customer needs.

Excited to equip contact centres with these cutting-edge tools, Simon Harrison, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Avaya, said:

Avaya Virtual Agent makes it easier for organisations to rapidly compose the interactions that businesses need to ensure more engaging and memorable experiences.

Contact centres can also construct unique workflows with no-code tools and integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems through the cloud. Doing so opens up many more possibilities for the automation of complex queries.

Thankfully, the Avaya Experience Builders community can assist with these more advanced requirements, allowing operations to secure quick wins through easily configurable use cases.

A single, easy-to-navigate user interface further speeds up the process, eliminating the need for additional developer training and resource.

Discussing further features of the solution, Karen Hardy, VP of Product Management at Avaya, added:

Avaya Virtual Agent manages all the voice, telephony and speech recognition and orchestrates all the essential processes to make it easy to create natural voice, SMS, or AI experiences.

“What this means for businesses and the development community is that – in addition to immediately reducing call volumes to live agents, decreasing average call wait times, and increasing agent productivity and efficiency – they can elevate the customer experience to make their brands more engaging.”

In addition, developers can easily add AI enhancements to their virtual agents over time, enabling extra capabilities and human-like conversations in over 20 languages.

The launch of this latest Avaya innovation follows the announcement of its partnership with Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, which – like this solution – will accelerate digital transformation programmes of its clients around the globe.


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