Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Review

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Your guide to Avaya OneCloud CPaaS

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Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Review

Offering a convenient and flexible solution for communications, Avaya OneCloud CPaaS is a state-of-the-art solution for the growing API economy. According to the UK&I CPaaS specialist from Avaya, Nick Dicksee, Avaya sees CPaaS as a powerful force multiplier, essential for a modern environment where companies and their communication stacks are evolving.

With Communication Platforms as a Service (CPaaS), businesses can integrate essential communication functionality into their existing business applications through convenient APIs. The OneCloud CPaaS offering simplifies (and speeds up) business transformation by ensuring brands can quickly integrate everything from data-driven automation to AI capabilities into their existing enterprise workflows.

Let’s take a closer look at what Avaya OneCloud CPaaS can do.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Review: Features

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS is part of the comprehensive OneCloud experience platform, including UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) and CCaaS (Contact Centre as a Service) functionality. Through OneCloud CPaaS, Avaya hopes to expand its position in an increasingly popular SaaS landscape, which has grown significantly during the pandemic.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS gives companies the agility and flexibility to build and optimize the perfect communication and collaboration ecosystem. This is particularly essential now that many companies transition to a new hybrid workplace.

Notably, the CPaaS offering from Avaya isn’t limited to exclusive integrations with Avaya solutions or basic APIs. The service is platform-agnostic, so companies can access the technology they might need.

The “composability” capabilities are a particularly compelling part of the service, with the option for partners to integrate customers into business processes so they can self-serve, self-segment, and co-create experiences. Some of the features of OneCloud CPaaS include:

  • Access to AI innovations for any workflow
  • Connect to countless APIs on an agnostic platform
  • Keep your existing infrastructure and extend functionality for UCaaS and CCaaS
  • Scale effortlessly and pay only for what you use
  • Give bot applications best-intent matching with Google Dialogflow
  • Free customised assessments from Avaya
  • Guidance and masterclass assistance to develop your CPaaS experience
  • Solutions specially designed for industries like healthcare and finance

Notably, Avaya offers three path options for your CPaaS creation. You can subscribe to a turnkey packaged solution built specifically to meet your needs. These packaged options work with any infrastructure and are managed by Avaya, who may also develop a unique solution for you. The Avaya Advanced Services team is on-hand to curate and commercialize custom applications ready to deploy in days.

Alternatively, you can simply build your solution from scratch if you have a team of developers accessible to you. There’s a workflow designer to get you up and running fast.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS Review: Benefits

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS gives today’s business owners an inherently flexible and scalable solution for cloud-based transformation. The composability of the technology the ability to choose the elements that fit best for you make this a highly compelling offering for companies of all sizes and backgrounds. There’s even advanced support available for those who need it.

Ready to suit almost any industry, with extensive access to disruptive tools like AI and automation, the OneCloud CPaaS offering is exciting. Some of the most significant benefits we noted when exploring this ecosystem include:

  • Versatility: CPaaS is inherently flexible, so it’s no surprise that Avaya offers a highly versatile solution. However, unlike other solutions, Avaya also gives you the extra support you need to build the communication ecosystem best-suited to your company. You can quickly start designing something from scratch if you have the developer knowledge or use Avaya’s technology and bandwidth when you don’t have your own. Packaged solutions also make it easier for companies in complex industries.
  • Composability: The composability elements offered by Avaya OneCloud CPaaS are a big part of what makes the solution so unique. Companies can quickly build personalised experiences on a highly advanced enterprise-class platform. You can even keep your existing infrastructure and get access to a host of AI tools for making your technology more intelligent. Access to countless APIs and support means everyone can discover the benefits of the cloud-based ecosystem.
  • Excellent AI: Artificial Intelligence appears to be a significant part of the Avaya CPaaS experience, driven in part by the importance of the technology throughout the rest of OneCloud. You can add AI to any workflow in a matter of minutes and build bots with intent-matching functionalities thanks to Google Dialogue flow. If you need extra help getting started with AI, there’s plenty of guidance and masterclass content available to guide you.
  • Bespoke: Avaya wants to ensure everyone can leverage the benefits of CPaaS, not just the people with extensive coding knowledge or tech backgrounds. That’s why the company offers so much support throughout the entire end-to-end journey. You can get a free customised assessment from Avaya to start with, with a professional to answer all the questions you might have about combining various communication apps and tools.

Who Needs Avaya OneCloud CPaaS?

As the world continues to evolve at an incredible scale, companies recognise the value of highly agile, flexible, and scalable technology. Avaya’s OneCloud solutions are inherently flexible, thanks to their position in the cloud. However, the Avaya OneCloud CPaaS solution is perhaps one of the most versatile tools for companies looking to build custom communications stacks.

Avaya OneCloud CPaaS enables many of the new forms of communication and effective workflows required for the hybrid workplace of the future. If you’ve been thinking of getting involved with Communication Platform as a Service technology, Avaya could be the perfect company to begin your CPaaS journey with.



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