Avaya vs. Twilio: Flexible CCaaS Solutions

Rebekah Carter

Should You Choose Twilio or Avaya?

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Avaya vs. Twilio: Flexible CCaaS Solutions

The one-size-fits-all contact centre is a thing of the past. Today’s businesses need a solution that evolves as quickly as their target audience or industry. Contact Centre as a Service technology, or “CCaaS” provides a more flexible environment for today’s CX strategy.

Through contact centre technology in the cloud, business leaders can unlock the opportunity for limitless growth and transformation. It’s easy to add and remove functionality as needed, plus, the rise of integrations means that more tools now work smoothly together.

In the battle for contact centre flexibility, many companies are competing to win the attention of businesses. Two of those vendors are Avaya and Twilio. Today, we’re going to help you compare these top contenders for your CCaaS strategy.

Avaya OneCloud Features

Avaya is one of the best-known market leaders in the communication space. Offering a comprehensive collection of UC and contact centre tools, Avaya supports all aspects of a business communication strategy. Through Avaya OneCloud, organisations can tap into everything from flexible CCaaS, to CPaaS solutions.

Avaya’s in-depth knowledge in the communication marketplace, and commitment to customer service make it a reliable choice for CX strategies. Features of OneCloud include:

  • Full contact centre functionality for any device
  • Quick and convenient integrations
  • CCaaS and UCaaS add-ons
  • Expert support for migration and adoption
  • Innovative AI and intelligent services
  • Global calling reach
  • Rich SDKs and APIs for extensibility
  • Various provisioning options

Avaya’s all-in-one cloud environment makes it easier for companies to pick and choose the functionality they want to take into the cloud. This flexible environment accelerates business migration and digital transformation.

Twilio Flex Features:

Twilio is a disruptive company in the CCaaS space. This business has changed the world with its approach to customizable communications, built through SDKs and API technology. Twilio Flex is a complete programmable contact centre, offering control over every aspect of your stack.

Developers can augment or improve their existing contact centre technology with new channels and features. Alternatively, Twilio Flex can help businesses move their entire environment into the cloud with a quick and easy deployment. Features include:

  • Complete flexibility with APIs and SDKs
  • Access to everything from AI to IoT
  • Fully customisable contact centre with quick deployments
  • No SaaS application lock-in or limitations
  • Connections for every contact centre channel
  • AI-enhanced self-service tools
  • Omni-channel customer service
  • Proactive customer engagement
  • Click-to-dial, preview diallers and call back services
  • Remote agent support

Twilio has transformed the way that companies look at contact centre technology. As the most flexible and extensible contact centre on the market, Twilio has it all. This comprehensive tool makes it easier for agents and supervisors to work anywhere, with the tools they need.

Avaya vs. Twilio: Experience

User adoption is essential for an excellent CCaaS system to thrive. If your employees don’t feel comfortable using your technology, then their productivity will suffer. One of the biggest benefits of both Avaya and Twilio’s CCaaS solutions, is their commitment to excellent experience.

Avaya OneCloud provides businesses with everything they need to boost their investment in cloud spaces. Companies can pick and choose the technology they need in a comprehensive platform that covers everything from CCaaS to UCaaS and CPaaS. Avaya’s flexible approach to the cloud makes it easier for companies to design the perfect stack in one space.

Avaya also ensures that all of its technology is convenient and easy to use, with available integrations for the technology that your employees already rely on. Similarly, Twilio delivers excellent experiences through amazing flexibility.

Businesses can build their CCaaS stack however they choose, with endless features and different kinds of functionality to choose from. You can support channels all the way from WhatsApp to SMS in the same environment, so teams spend less time jumping between apps.

Additionally, whether you’re deploying contact centre for an in-office or remote workforce, Twilio makes it easy. Organisations can build and launch a 100% cloud contact centre in a matter of days. Twilio Flex removes the limitations of old-fashioned contact centres.

Avaya vs. Twilio: Security and Compliance

Avaya and Twilio both excel at offering a convenient and easy-to-use contact centre. However, that doesn’t mean that either of these platforms compromise on security or privacy. In the contact centre, it’s becoming increasingly essential for businesses to ensure that they’re providing the best security possible for both the company, and its customers.

Avaya’s fully compliant cloud solution puts security first. To suit the needs of various industries, there are multiple deployment options available. You’ll have absolute control over how Avaya manages your cloud. There’s even the option to host your equipment on-premise. Avaya also provides access to a 24/7 team for security and data protection. All that, and you get a 100% uptime SLA.

Twilio also takes security and compliance seriously. Developers get complete control over their Twilio Flex experience, with endless opportunities to extend and update every part of the platform. Teams can augment existing contact centre offerings, or just make the shift to the cloud. Complete operational insights are available through reporting, custom metric measuring, and more.

Twilio’s solution also fully integrates with all the applications that businesses already use, so they don’t have to worry about moving employees into a different environment.

Avaya vs. Twilio: Verdict

Twilio and Avaya both give their customers a flexible and scalable way to move the contact centre into the cloud. For businesses who want a reliable solution for versatile CX, Twilio and Avaya check all of the right boxes.

Avaya provides a comprehensive cloud solution created from years of experience in the communication industry. A 100% uptime SLA and a powerful back-end ensures that today’s businesses can have peace of mind when they invest in CCaaS.

On the other hand, Twilio focuses more heavily on complete flexibility for the contact centre. Twilio’s flexible CCaaS environment is all about using things like APIs and development tools to combine different tools together. If you want to build the ultimate contact centre from scratch, Twilio could be the right solution.



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