AWS Releases “Agentless” Voice Dialing for Amazon Connect

The feature automates outbound voice campaigns, lowering the burden on agents

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Published: September 6, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

AWS has added “Agentless” voice dialing to its Amazon Connect Outbound Campaigns solution.

The feature allows contact centers to send high-volume, personalized voice notifications without involving live agents.

Those notifications may include appointment reminders, upcoming delivery notifications, and perhaps even post-contact follow-ups.

Moreover, service teams may use “Agentless” voice to build and kickstart customer journeys across multiple channels.

For instance, an automotive company could send an automated voice reminder to a customer that their MOT is due soon. Then, they could offer the option to pass the customer through to a voicebot, allowing them to schedule an appointment with the garage autonomously.

AWS has embedded capabilities from Amazon Pinpoint – AWS’s marketing communications service – to make such omnichannel use cases possible.

Yet, there are many more conceivable applications of “agentless” voice. Some start by leveraging the existing machine learning capabilities within Outbound Campaigns…

How Machine Learning Maximizes the Efficiency of Agentless Voice

When service teams lead outbound voice campaigns, agents spend lots of time listening to answer machine messages and busy signals on outbound calls.

The machine learning (ML) capabilities already within Outbound Campaigns enable answering machine detection to distinguish between these features and live customers.

As a result, agents only connect to live customers, driving up their efficiency.

With the rise of Agentless voice, this feature may appear less relevant. Yet, it can still support the development of mature automated outbound campaigns.

Indeed, by having a feature that identifies live customer pickups or voicemails, contact centers can customize their contact strategy accordingly.

For example, if the ML detects a live person, the Agentless voice capability can present options for them to select – like a voicebot transfer to kickstart a customer journey.

Whereas if the voice contact reaches the answering machine, it may instead leave a message.

The Outbound Campaigns solution allows such possibilities while allowing businesses to increase the speed of their dialer pacing to serve more customers.

Lastly, Agentless voice – alongside its adjacent features – is available out-of-the-box and accessible within the AWS Connect Console.

Other New Features on Amazon Connect

Expect many more significant additions to Amazon Connect before the end of the year, with the AWS re:Invent summit likely the launchpad for its most eye-catching contact center innovations.

Yet, in the meantime, AWS will continue to add more “brick in the wall” updates and enhancements to solidify its existing CCaaS proposition.

For instance, in August, the vendor added nine more languages to Amazon Connect Cases – its case management tool.

Moreover, AWS upgraded its scheduling solution to support agent group activities, enabled routing based on time since last inbound contact, and increased the scope of its real-time metrics.

As it makes these moves, AWS hopes to build on its contact center momentum – which saw the vendor reach the leader square in the latest CCaaS Magic Quadrant report.

In addition, Amazon Connect scored highest in Gartner’s adjacent Critical Capabilities study for the Agile Contact Center use case.

These reports reflect how AWS is rivaling the likes of Genesys, NICE, and Five9 at the forefront of the CCaaS space.



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