Balto Offers More Flexibility to Agents with the Latest Launch

Sandra Radlovački

A new suite of features bolsters the agent experience side of Balto’s real-time guidance platform

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Balto Offers More Flexibility to Agents with the Latest Launch

Balto has announced a new suite of features to enhance the experience for agents using its platform.

Set to be available in October, the new suite of features brings agent-sourced content, gamification, and personalisation enhancements to the platform.

Agent-sourced content allows senior agents to share their best practices with new agents so they onboard quickly and efficiently. This feature enables senior agents to add their voice to the playbook, try and test new checklist items and manage prompts.

To motivate agents to be more productive and engaging, the gamification feature offers challengers, leaderboards and badges which are part of a bigger framework with monetary rewards.

Personalisation in customer experience plays an important role in CX as 80 percent of consumers would likely make a purchase when brands offer personalised experiences. With the new personalisation feature, Balto aims to provide agents with the same level of satisfaction while they navigate the platform.

Now, agents can customise their workspace through themes, personalised win animations and various accessibility options.

Chris Kontes, COO and Co-Founder of Balto, said: “Balto champions a fun, flexible, and engaging agent experience that creates moments of delight and rewards the wins — big or small.

“These incremental capabilities will help contact centers achieve high levels of customer growth, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce average handle times, while retaining agents who will be more satisfied with their jobs. Because if your agents are satisfied, so are your customers.”

Earlier this year, Balto did a study on over 500 agents to find out what they would change about their scripts. Interestingly, the findings pointed out that 64 percent of agents wanted to change their script and have more freedom over general tone and vocabulary in calls.

Influenced by the results of this research, Balto delivered a feature that does just that – allows agents to have more flexibility in their daily tasks.

This release follows the announcements of several other Balto’s moves in the last few months, including its availability in the RingCentral App Gallery and a new Salesforce integration.


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