Become a CPaaS Player with HORISEN

Sandra Radlovački

Find out how HORISEN makes a difference in the CPaaS space

Become a CPaaS Player with HORISEN

The cloud has brought countless possibilities to the modern business world. From scalability to easy deployment, organisations can do so much at a reduced cost to keep their competitive edge in the industry.

When talking about cloud-based communication, Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) might be the first thing that comes to mind.

CPaaS allows developers to use real-time communication features like voice, messaging and video and incorporate them into their own applications through communications APIs.

Indeed, the most attractive feature of CPaaS is that it is cloud-based; therefore, you do not need any on-premise hardware or maintenance expenses and staff.

As CPaaS use skyrocketed in recent years, many companies dived headfirst into the space to offer a cutting-edge solution that does everything an organisation might need.

One thing is for sure – everyone wants seamless, fast, and convenient communication.

Established in 2001, HORISEN entered the CPaaS race to meet the rising demand for communication platforms.

Sensing an opportunity to create something great, the company developed its own carrier-neutral CPaaS platform to allow customers to thrive at their own pace.

Calling themselves a “CPaaS-enabler”, HORISEN aims to provide their customers with the technology they need to become CPaaS players, but not compete with them as other CPaaS providers do.

Fabrizio Salanitri, CEO of HORISEN, said: “As a CPaaS Enabler, you give the keys to a company so that they can focus on their business and rely on you completely. And you cannot rely on someone you do not trust. So, trust is one of the keywords in the CPaaS business and HORISEN has inspired confidence for more than two decades.”

The company put effort into developing a suite of solutions that includes core features of a CPaaS platform and a few additional capabilities that make it stand out from the crowd.

To automate all aspects of mobile business messaging, the suite includes an SMS platform, Business Messenger, Testing Platform, MNP Service, Inbound SMS Service and APIs for developers.

All of these solutions are tailor-made and highly scalable, a feature HORISEN was prioritising while developing the suite.

“Scalability is a very important feature of our CPaaS solutions because we know that if scalability is not well developed, it could result in deterioration of customer experience and nobody wants that”, added Salanitri.

Eager to tap into the world of CPaaS? Find out how you can become a CPaaS player by visiting this link.


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