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Published: June 9, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

From a free trial of a cutting-edge generative AI solution to contact center megadeals, here are some extracts from our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

Genesys Hops on the Generative AI Bandwagon, Offers 30-Day Trial of Its New Solution

Genesys has released a new agent-assist capability to auto-summarize customer conversations across voice and digital channels.

In doing so, it automates much of the post-contact processing for agents, knocking valuable seconds off every contact center interaction.

After all, there is no need to reflect on the call, summarize it, and type lengthy notes. Instead, agents only need to review, tweak, and publish the conversation summaries.

With post-contact processing taking some businesses as much as three minutes per contact – according to a Genesys survey – the savings may be huge.

Of course, that is far from the case in most service operations. Nonetheless, even if the contact center shaves just a few seconds from every call, it will likely see a quick ROI, which will only amplify across a large agent population.

Moreover, agents may benefit from a consistent post-call note format, making it easier to search for vital context when customers make a follow-up contact.

That consistent, bot-generated content may also support service operations mine for customer insights with analytics tools, improve historical reporting, and adhere to compliance guidelines. (Read on…)

NICE Offers Its Speech-to-Text API to Contact Centers for Free

NICE has launched a free version of its speech-to-text API, which allows contact centers to transcribe 1,000 calls every day.

The API comes from its ElevateAI suite, which serves up the technologies behind many of NICE’s products to developers in a piecemeal fashion.

Alongside the transcription API are pre-built AI models that help to draw insights from those transcripts, such as customer sentiment, behaviors, and more.

Those models will cost businesses more. Yet, the bare-bones transcripts alone will already allow service teams to skim insights from calls manually, enhance customer records, and ensure compliance.

Moreover, this is not a solution created only for NICE customers. As Neeraj Verma, General Manager of AI as a Service at NICE, told TalkingPointz:

Any contact center across the world can sign up for our service through our own website (, and they’ll receive a thousand free interactions every day that they can transcribe.

“You can be on Verint, Genesys, or another technology and easily bring amazing CX models into your contact center for free.”

Moreover, NICE supports 140 different formats, whether that is a WAV, MP4, or something else – each delivering high accuracy rates. (Read on…)

Verint CEO Talks $21MN Customer Win, SaaS Momentum, & ChatGPT

Verint has secured a $21MN megadeal with a prominent US-based financial services company.

Dan Bodner, CEO of Verint, shared the news during an earnings call, where he also laid out the vendor’s generative AI approach and discussed its continued cloud momentum.

Unfortunately, Bodner didn’t reveal much more about the megadeal aside from noting that it stems from an existing customer that chose to expand its partnership with the stalwart CX vendor.

In doing so, the business will add new applications to its Verint ecosystem.

Luckily, Bodner did delve deeper into some of its other significant seven-figure wins that helped the vendor achieve Q1 earnings of $217MN, up 24 percent YoY.

While this is down slightly on the previous quarter, Verint creeps closer to profitability, which is the aim of many CX vendors in the space. (Read on…)

Twilio Introduces Generative AI for Service, Sales, & Marketing Teams

Twilio has launched CustomerAI, an offering that embeds generative AI into its Customer Engagement Platform.

The solution supports businesses in gaining new customer data and utilizing that to further service, sales, and marketing activities.

To unlock that new data, CustomerAI pulls insights from customer communications using large language models (LLMs) and natural language processing (NLP).

Those insights may include intent and sentiment data – alongside nuggets of qualitative feedback.

All this then filters into the ‘Golden Profiles’ within Twilio Segment – which collect preference, demographic, and behavioral data for individual customers.

Adding depth to these Golden Profiles is critical to Twilio’s vision of AI in CX. As Jeff Lawson, CEO of Twilio, said:

If AI is going to help build better customer relationships, that AI needs to know the customer.

CustomerAI enables this understanding, creating those deeper profiles from which service, sales, and marketing teams can extract additional value.

The offering helps there, too, as highlighted below.

Service, Sales, & Marketing Use Cases

Customer service teams that use Twilio Flex may harness CustomerAI to auto-generate customer responses during digital customer conversations.

Various sources of information, including the contact center knowledge base, inform the “meat” of the response. Yet, Segment and its Golden Profiles help to personalize it to the individual customer.

As such, agents may simply tweak and send their replies to customers instead of typing them out from scratch – saving lots of time across many contact reasons.

Meanwhile, as CustomerAI digs into knowledge sources, it will highlight gaps, suggest knowledge base updates, and recommend additional agent training.

A final contact center use case is auto-summaries of customer conversations. These help to accelerate post-contact processing. (Read on…)




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