Genesys Hops on the Generative AI Bandwagon, Offers 30-Day Trial of Its New Solution

Its journey begins with an auto-summarization tool, which promises to shave seconds from every customer conversation

Genesys Hops on the Generative AI Bandwagon, Offers 30-Day Trial of Its New Solution
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Published: June 5, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

Genesys has released a new agent-assist capability to auto-summarize customer conversations across voice and digital channels.

In doing so, it automates much of the post-contact processing for agents, knocking valuable seconds off every contact center interaction.

After all, there is no need to reflect on the call, summarize it, and type lengthy notes. Instead, agents only need to review, tweak, and publish the conversation summaries.

With post-contact processing taking some businesses as much as three minutes per contact – according to a Genesys survey – the savings may be huge.

Of course, that is far from the case in most service operations. Nonetheless, even if the contact center shaves just a few seconds from every call, it will likely see a quick ROI, which will only amplify across a large agent population.

Moreover, agents may benefit from a consistent post-call note format, making it easier to search for vital context when customers make a follow-up contact.

That consistent, bot-generated content may also support service operations mine for customer insights with analytics tools, improve historical reporting, and adhere to compliance guidelines.

This Is Just the Start

By announcing the general availability of such a solution, Genesys follows a path trodden by many of its market rivals.

Indeed, the likes of NICE, Talkdesk, Five9, and various others have launched solutions with similar capabilities in recent months.

Yet, Genesys insiders suggest that the CCaaS market leader – according to the latest Gartner Magic Quadrant – is only getting started on its generative AI journey.

Indeed, insiders at the company have revealed that the business has additional generative AI capabilities – including smart replies, machine translation, and auto-tags for articles, charts, and images – on the way.

These may come quickly, as Olivier Jouve, Chief Product Officer at Genesys, stated:

We’re accelerating our pace of innovation with the latest generations of generative AI to help organizations gain greater value from their data, rapidly create new content, and break language barriers.

Jouve also reinforced the commitment of Genesys to the responsible development of AI, which has helped lay the foundations for the rapid innovation that he promises.

Part of this process involved extending and enhancing its AI ethics guidelines, which Genesys established back in 2018.

A Free Trial and Integrations Galore

The new solution – officially titled: “Auto-summarization for Agent Assist” – is now available within the Genesys Cloud AI Experience platform.

Businesses that use Genesys Cloud CX may also try out the solution with a 30-day trial, accessible from AppFoundry – the vendor’s marketplace.

Within that marketplace are many other CX vendors aspiring to bring new generative AI innovation to contact centers.

In a press release, Genesys stresses that the open APIs its CCaaS platform offers pave the way for businesses to harness these vendors’ exciting LLM-powered tools.

An excellent example is – a conversational AI provider that works closely with Genesys. It has developed a sophisticated generative-AI-driven roadmap – as CEO Raghu Ravinutala recently shared in a CX Today roundtable.

Yet, Genesys is undoubtedly piecing together its longer-term strategy too, which will likely be integral to sustaining its leadership status in the CCaaS space.

After all, customer service is the industry most likely to be impacted by generative AI – as per OpenAI CEO Sam Altman – making the stakes exceptionally high.


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