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Published: May 29, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

From more generative AI innovations to nifty speech analytics-powered solutions, here are some extracts from our most popular news stories over the last seven days.

Say Hello to Claude, The Zoom Contact Center’s New AI Assistant

Zoom has announced it will embed a new AI Assistant – named “Claude” – into its CCaaS platform.

The move stems from the vendor’s new partnership with Anthropic, a developer of AI systems and language models.

Claude is Anthropic’s competitor to ChatGPT, which Zoom will soon deploy across its portfolio, starting with the Zoom Contact Center.

Indeed, the CCaaS platform will soon have two new Claude-driven agent-assist applications under its banner.

Discussing these during an earnings call, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, said:

With Claude guiding agents toward trustworthy resolutions and powering self-service for end-users, companies will be able to take customer relationships to the next level.

As Yuan suggests, the first application will support contact center agents in finding answers to customer queries that sprawl across numerous systems.

Meanwhile, the second will leverage Claude as a self-service tool that customers can use to autonomously search for solutions to their issues. (Read on…).

Sprinklr Paves Its CXM Portfolio with Generative AI

Sprinkr has released its latest offering – “Sprinklr AI+” in beta, which promises to unify its proprietary AI with OpenAI’s generative AI.

In doing so, Sprinklr AI+ will bring new capabilities to Sprinklr’s four core solutions: Sprinklr Service, Sprinklr Marketing, Sprinklr Insights, and Sprinklr Social.

Excited to make the announcement, Pavitar Singh, Chief Technology Officer at Sprinklr, stated:

Sprinklr AI+ brings this transformational technology to customer experience at the enterprise level and has the potential to revolutionize the front office for our global customers.

“For us, this is the next evolution of our AI journey to help our customers work better, faster, and more cost-effectively while preserving the level of governance, compliance, and data privacy that the most iconic brands in the world require.”

As an example of how Sprinklr AI+ will help businesses “work better, faster, and more cost effectively”, consider how it will enhance Sprinklr Service, the vendor’s CCaaS platform.

First, it will enable “conversation summarization” to automate post-contact processing for agents.

In doing so, it shaves seconds off every customer interaction, which – across large operations – may result in significant cost savings.

Also, Sprinklr AI+ paves the way for “call note automation”. This supports agent listening skills by jotting down essential pieces of information – as the customer speaks – which they can later refer back to.

Then, there is a new “reply assistance” feature, which generates customer responses for agents handling digital conversations with only a click of the mouse.

How? Well, Sprinklr AI+ understands the context of a customer’s query, pulls relevant answers from the knowledge base, and edits these to craft intelligent customer responses.

Agents can then review, tweak, and send that response, accelerating customer conversations and ensuring a human is always in the loop.

Yet, these innovations are only the beginning. Sprinklr also suggests that – once Sprinklr AI+ moves out of beta testing – it will help automate quality scoring and sentiment analysis of contact center interactions at scale. (Read on…).

Amazon Connect Now Uncovers Your Most Prominent Customer Issues

AWS has released a new “Theme Detection” tool for Amazon Connect Contact Lens.

It is the latest of several recent updates to Contact Lens, the conversational analytics solution that sits inside the AWS CCaaS platform.

Giving an overview of the latest addition, Ayesha Borker, Sr. Solution Architect at Amazon Connect, stated during a launch video:

It provides you with a quick view of the top customer issues across thousands of contacts over a selected period of time.

Users can then click on each issue and view associated conversations, listen to recordings, read transcripts, and engage in deeper analysis.

An Upgrade On Conventional Customer Intent Monitoring

Contact centers traditionally ask agents to enter the customer’s contact reason into the CRM after every interaction to track their demand drivers.

Agents do this by scrolling through a pre-set list of “disposition codes”.

Unfortunately, that list is static – i.e. it does not account for new queries that customers start asking after the list was updated.

Moreover, agents – in a hurry to close the case – often just select the first code on the list, distorting the contact center’s picture of its demand drivers.

Another option for contact centers is to track customer inputs in the IVR. Yet, these options are again static, and customers often press random numbers to get through to an agent more quickly.

Thankfully, this new addition to Contact Lens enables service teams to gain a much more accurate view of customer intent – which brings many significant benefits. (Read on…).

Qualtrics Launches New Agent-Assist Tools for Contact Centres

Qualtrics has made three new contact center tools generally available, each designed to assist agents.

The customer care specialists’ latest innovations include Qualtrics Real-Time Agent Assist (RTAA), Automated Call Summaries (ACS), and Frontline Team Assist.

These solutions add to Qualtrics’ range of ‘XM’ (Experience Management) capabilities, bringing contact center agents more ways to better understand and serve their customers.

According to Qualtrics, they will also “empower organizations to create future-proofed operating models for customer care.”

‘XM’ is a term coined by Qualtrics, referring to the company’s interpretation of effective customer experience solutions.

New XM Solutions

Real-Time Agent Assist leverages AI and machine learning to gain insights into customer needs and emotions and then provide real-time coaching for contact center agents. As a result, agents can make better customer care decisions.

Automated Call Summaries save time and work output for contact center agents by creating instant conversation summaries following customer calls.

Within seconds, agents can view call information, such as the call duration, the reason for the call, a summary of how the agent dealt with the call, and any solutions offered to resolve the customer’s issue.

Frontline Team Assist allows managers to review agent performance and offer targeted coaching. (Read on…).




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