Qualtrics Launches New Agent-Assist Tools for Contact Centres

Three new contact centre solutions are now generally available

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Published: May 25, 2023

James Stephen

Qualtrics has made three new contact center tools generally available, each designed to assist agents.

The customer care specialists’ latest innovations include Qualtrics Real-Time Agent Assist (RTAA), Automated Call Summaries (ACS), and Frontline Team Assist.

These solutions add to Qualtrics’ range of ‘XM’ (Experience Management) capabilities, bringing contact center agents more ways to better understand and serve their customers.

According to Qualtrics, they will also “empower organizations to create future-proofed operating models for customer care.”

‘XM’ is a term coined by Qualtrics, referring to the company’s interpretation of effective customer experience solutions.

New XM Solutions

Real-Time Agent Assist leverages AI and machine learning to gain insights into customer needs and emotions and then provide real-time coaching for contact center agents. As a result, agents can make better customer care decisions.

Automated Call Summaries save time and work output for contact center agents by creating instant conversation summaries following customer calls.

Within seconds, agents can view call information, such as the call duration, the reason for the call, a summary of how the agent dealt with the call, and any solutions offered to resolve the customer’s issue.

Frontline Team Assist allows managers to review agent performance and offer targeted coaching.

To deliver performance and service quality insights, the solution uses service quality evaluations, Qualtrics AI, and Natural Language Understanding (MLU).

Frontline Team Assist includes access to Qualtrics Frontline Agent Coach, which delivers personalized insights to agents, positive reinforcement from customers, and improvement opportunities to foster their development.

Last month, Qualtrics released Qualtrics Frontline XM to help frontline employees provide quality customer experiences.

The solutions leverage AI technology, using what Qualtrics describes as the “world’s largest database of sentiment”, to improve customer experiences from beginning to end.

Qualtrics Frontline XM integrates with popular tools used by organizations, including chatbots, content management systems, learning management software, call center technology, email campaigns, and CRM software.

Qualtrics CEO Zig Serafin said at the time: “The days of having to survey customers whenever we want to know about their experience are over.

Qualtrics is innovating to empower every organization to understand what’s going on at every stage of the journey, at every frontline touchpoint, without ever having to ask.

Q1 2023 Review

At around the same time as the release of Qualtrics Frontline XM, the company also published its Q1 2023 results.

Qualtrics said it will not have a conference call or provide a financial outlook because the company was in the midst of being acquired by Silver Lake Partners and CPP Investments.

Nevertheless, the company’s positive performance is incontrovertible, with total quarterly revenue of $409.8 million, reflecting a rise of 22 percent year-over-year.

Qualtrics’ Q4 2022 results were also strong, with a lower quarterly revenue of $389.1 million but a higher percentage increase of 23 percent year-over-year.

No doubt the mission statement for Qualtrics this quarter will be the same as the last quarter.

To paraphrase: ‘Increase revenue by helping companies to build stronger relationships with their employees and customers, and operate efficiently to navigate the challenging market environment’.

Some further quarterly highlights include new relationships with organizations, such as LinkedIn, Lumen Technologies, ISS Worldwide, PayPal, Dairy Queen, DISH, and more.

A total of eighteen new products were released, including a Real-time Brand Intelligence and Research Hub.

Qualtrics also expanded its partnerships with Five9, Twilio, and Merkle, and hosted X4, the Experience Management Summit.



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