Bright Pattern Launches a Remote Assist App

Sandra Radlovački

The solution aims to improve ROI, lower issue resolution time, and improve remote workforce efficiency

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Bright Pattern Launches a Remote Assist App

Cloud omnichannel communication software vendor Bright Pattern has launched a Remote Assist application, which allows users to take control of another user’s desktop remotely.

The app supports simpler training, faster problem resolution, and increased customer issue resolution speed. Such an app also enables contact centres and help desks to improve metrics like handle time, first contact resolution, and ROI, without the need for third-party software.

Michael McCloskey, CEO of Bright Pattern, said: “Bright Pattern continues to develop new features as part of our commitment to improving contact center and help desk efficiency. With the rise of the remote global workforce and an emphasis on speed and personalization in customer service delivery, bringing the workforce together and improving workforce productivity is more important than ever.”

“Our Remote Assist technology allows users to take control of another user’s desktop, improving customer service and support delivery, and making the experience effortless for both the agents and end users.”

The Bright Pattern Remote Assist solution may also improve contact centers recruitment by enhancing the remote onboarding process, allowing companies to hire staff from anywhere around the world.

Previously, Bright Pattern partnered with Carahsoft to enable government agencies to leverage Bright Pattern’s all-in-one cloud solution for call centre operations.

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