CallTower Adds the Webex Contact Center to Its Roster

It can now support enterprises in utilizing Webex for all their communication needs

CallTower Adds the Webex Contact Center to Its Roster
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Published: March 17, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

CallTower has added the Webex Contact Center to its portfolio of communications and collaboration solutions.

As a result, CallTower may now assist businesses in using Webex for all their employee and customer communications.

Such a possibility excites Doug Larsen, VP of Software & Product at CallTower, highlighting Webex’s security expertise as a significant differentiator.

“CallTower is excited to deliver the next level Webex experience to our contact center customers to meet their evolving security and productivity needs,” he said.

With Webex Contact Center, mission-critical services will always be available and operational thanks to a resilient and secure Cisco architecture.

Yet, CallTower is much more than an intermediary between Webex and the end user.

Indeed, it has its own UCaaS, CCaaS, and collaboration platforms. Yet, it also teams up with leaders from across each market.

In doing so, CallTower blends its native tools with third-party solutions to offer its clients more control over their communications environment.

For instance, instead of only offering CallTower for UCaaS, it also helps clients deploy Microsoft Teams or Webex.

In CCaaS, its clients can choose between CallTower, Five9, and now Webex too.

There are also many collaboration tools to choose from, whether that is Webex, Office365, or – of course – CallTower.

From there, CallTower brings these together with its Connect solution, an admin portal for IT teams to manage all their communications solutions from a single space or mobile app.

In furthering its relationship with CallTower, Webex opens up more routes to market, putting its CCaaS solution in the hands of customers Cisco has never touched before.

Webex Aims to Momentum With Its Contact Center

Increased collaboration with CallTower exemplifies Webex’s ambition to extend its partner network.

In recent months, Webex has taken this objective and run with it. Indeed, only 300 global partners were authorized to resell its CCaaS solutions until September 2022. Now, its partner base stands at over 3,000.

Talking to CX Today in December 2022, Kristyn Hogan, VP of Global Collaboration and Partner Sales at Cisco, stated:

When we looked at our technology services brokers in their business, contact center has been the fastest growing collaboration piece, enjoying six consecutive quarters of astronomical growth. So, we’re really excited to expand.

Again, the Webex Contact Center experienced growth last quarter. Yet, in total, Cisco’s cloud communications and collaboration business was down ten percent.

As such, Webex is perhaps ramping up its CCaaS efforts, engaging in more deals – like this with CallTower – to breathe fresh air into the lungs of its portfolio.

Yet, there are other opportunities for Cisco to build Webex. For instance, as Cisco’s security and networking offerings are performing well, it could create hybrid work packages and pull Webex through instead of leading with it.

Prominent analyst Zeus Kerravala discussed this possibility during a recent conversation with UC Today.

However, the first course of action for Webex may be to lead with CCaaS instead of UCaaS.

More deals like this will support this shift in strategy – a change that its rival 8×8 has embraced since the turn of the year.



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