Clarabridge Reports Record-breaking 2020 Growth  

Sales boost in Q4 in excess of 50% year over year 

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Clarabridge Reports Record-breaking 2020 Growth  

Clarabridge has announced a record-breaking 2020, with a massive 300% increase in new customers sales YoY in Q4 and growth in overall deal size driven by speech analytics.  

The leading provider of CEM solutions for the world’s top brands reported more than 78% of net-new customer sales in Q4 included voice data, representing a 449% jump over the first half of the year. 

Clarabridge CEO Mark Bishof, said: “Our company has the most advanced Customer Experience Management platform in the industry, and we work with the world’s leading brands to make sense of billions of customer interactions. 

“By offering unmatched insight into constantly shifting consumer preferences and by continuing to invest in break-through functionality, Clarabridge is well-positioned to continue providing incredible value for our customers in 2021.” 

The company expanded its footprint in key industry verticals such as financial services, healthcare, digital commerce, CPG, transportation and retail, as enterprises around the world used Clarabridge insights to drive customer-first initiatives. The close of a record year included a new customer relationship with one of the nation’s leading insurance companies, which projects $30 million in savings from call centre optimisation using Clarabridge patent-pending features such as Automated Narratives and Intelligent Scoring 

The company grew significantly in the following areas:  

  • Intelligent Scoring: a new generative enrichment engine that evaluates 100% of interactions against custom score criteria to predict and inform business outcomes such as churn propensity, fraud risk, banking compliance, service quality, and health and safety liability. By year end, the company had a dozen customers and scored over 113 million interactions 
  • Automated Narratives: use of natural language generation to create clear, consistent summaries in prose format, summarizing key information from every interaction, such as speaker behavior, events, resolutions, and call metadata. The output provides a concise, understandable narrative that can replace agent call notes, saving contact centers millions of dollars in manual post-call work. Within just a month of its initial announcement, the company had four beta customers for this patent-pending new capability 
  • Conversation analytics: Interactive dialog visualizations in the areas of voice, chat and private messaging 
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): continuous build-out of enrichments, including extension of our Empathy toolkit and evaluation of emotional intensity 

And in Europe, Clarabridge grew new customer sales 200% in 2020. With native analytics support for 23 languages and the CX industry’s fastest and most scalable voice data pipeline, Clarabridge closed major contact centre speech and digital transformation deals at several large companies. 

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