ComputerTalk vs. Genesys vs. NICE: The Battle of the Microsoft Teams CCaaS Integrations

Compare and contrast three prominent CCaaS integrations for Microsoft Teams

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ComputerTalk vs. Genesys vs. NICE The Battle of the Microsoft Teams CCaaS Integrations - CX Today 2
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Published: March 3, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

With over 280 million monthly active users, Microsoft Teams has quickly emerged as one of the key “hubs” for businesses pursuing the future of work. The collaborative ecosystem provides a fantastic opportunity for business leaders to connect distributed team members and minimize data silos.

Teams also offers a highly flexible environment, allowing users to expand their collaboration features to include business telephony and CCaaS functionality.

Within the Microsoft App environment, business leaders can find a range of CCaaS integrations designed to provide native contact center functionality within the Teams ecosystem.

The challenge for many brands hoping to expand their Microsoft environment is choosing the best-fit CCaaS integration. Today, we’re exploring three of the top solutions available to brands.

ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center with Teams

An innovative creator of powerful CX technology, ComputerTalk offers the comprehensive ice Contact Center, certified for Microsoft Teams.

The technology integrates with existing applications to seamlessly bridge the gap between legacy infrastructure and Teams cloud solutions using both the Connect and Extend Models.

Like other leading CCaaS integrations for Microsoft Teams, ComputerTalk’s technology helps to optimize agent efficiency and collaboration.

Agents can quickly access synchronized directories with presence information to find subject matter experts throughout the organization to assist with customer service.

Additionally, all interaction controls for the contact center can be embedded natively into the Microsoft Teams interface. Users can leverage all available communication channels, from voice to video and chat.

Features of the comprehensive CCaaS system include:

  • Omnichannel communication support integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Powerful insights into interaction history
  • Support for CRM tickets to help resolve customer issues with personalization
  • Actionable alerts sent to Teams channels for supervisors and users
  • Voice disaster recovery enabled by Microsoft Teams voice with PSTN backup
  • Seamless migration from legacy platforms to Microsoft Teams cloud solutions
  • Full contact center controls for intelligent routing and call management within Teams
  • Presence sync, so contact center agents can see which SMEs are available for support
  • A voice channel via direct routing, PSTN, or BYOC

Genesys Cloud CX for Microsoft Teams

Genesys is a market-leading CCaaS vendor with an innovative range of cloud-based communication tools for businesses to explore. The Genesys Cloud CX integration for Microsoft Teams aims to make it easier for contact center agents and subject matter experts to collaborate in an aligned environment.

Users can leverage all the productivity and communication capabilities of Teams, along with presence features and integrated directory tools to manage team collaboration.

At the same time, they can connect to their preferred business phone carrier or access voice technologies from Microsoft or Genesys.

The Cloud CX integration includes various industry-leading tools for cloud CX routing, artificial intelligence, and productivity. Features include:

  • Synced Microsoft Active Directory and Genesys Cloud CX insights
  • Genesys Cloud CX search for Microsoft Teams contacts and presence information
  • Transmit conversations from the Genesys cloud into Microsoft Teams with click-to-call
  • Support calling via telephony and digital platforms without extra charges
  • Access calling with an existing provider via BYOC-premises capabilities
  • Leverage support for call transfer, recording, and analytics

NICE CXOne for Microsoft Teams

NICE offers a combination of UCaaS and CCaaS technologies to leading brands, enhanced by artificial intelligence and innovative technology.

The CXOne integration for Microsoft Teams embeds the CXOne Agent into the Teams ecosystem to provide users with full contact center controls. It also syncs Teams contacts and presence information for one-click communications between service agents and subject matter experts.

Businesses often implement the CXOne Agent alongside the CXOne Voice Connectivity solution for Microsoft 365, which supports global, carrier-grade voice services over a secure internet connection. This offers an ideal alternative to voice functionality for companies who don’t want to leverage Microsoft call plans for their business telephony. Features include:

  • Full contact center controls for routing and call management within Teams
  • Directory and presence sync through an integrated agent directory
  • Customizable workspaces with access to integrated apps
  • Global, high-quality voice services delivered via Direct Routing
  • Intelligent routing to seamlessly connect customers to the best-placed agents
  • Unified interface for tracking employee presence and availability

What Makes ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center Unique?

ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center assists its customers in making the transition to the cloud at their preferred pace, with support for phased migrations and consistent innovation.

With ComputerTalk, companies can seamlessly migrate contact center users from legacy PBX platforms and Skype for Business solutions, bridging the gap between old and new investments.

At the same time, if organizations aren’t ready to transition to Microsoft Teams voice, they can continue to use a PSTN backup connection or PSTN for their primary communications. This helps to ensure brands continue to receive and answer calls if Microsoft Teams goes down.

“What really sets us apart from other vendors in the contact center space is just how well-equipped we are to build the exact solution you need,” said Jean-Nicolas Robitaille, VP of Product Experience at ComputerTalk.

From integrating with any 3rd party application to building custom solutions, we’ve seen it all and we’re always ready for whatever new requirements our customers throw at us.

In addition, ComputerTalk has over 35 years of experience designing and supporting cloud enterprise-grade solutions for the contact center, alongside a 15+ year relationship integrating with Microsoft.

The company also offers end-to-end consulting, so brands can work with the ComputerTalk team to design a unique contact center solution specific to their requirements.

Unlike other CCaaS solutions, ComputerTalk’s ice Contact Center also helps companies to make intelligent decisions with their CX strategy by building actionable alerts and insight into the contact center experience.

Making the Right Choice for Microsoft Teams

For companies embracing a new digital transformation era in Microsoft Teams, a CCaaS integration is often the perfect way to align CX agents and subject matter experts.

However, each brand needs to ensure they’re choosing the right partner to help facilitate their transition into the Teams landscape.

ComputerTalk and ice Contact Center with Microsoft Teams provides business leaders with an efficient, streamlined, customizable environment that connects their legacy infrastructure to the cloud. It boosts team productivity while keeping businesses informed about the latest data and metrics relevant to the contact center.

To learn more about the solution, visit the ComputerTalk website.



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