Diabolocom Acquires Phedone in GenAI Push

The European cloud CX service provider is embracing the emergence of new AI tools

Diabolocom Acquires Phedone in GenAI Push
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Published: October 3, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

This week, Diabolocom, a European provider of cloud-based CX management solutions, acquired French start-up Phedone in a bid to leverage GenAI technology for its contact center clients.

The acquisition enables Diabolocom to cross-pollinate each firm’s customer base and expertise.

It also aims to scale and democratize AI to improve contact center automation, customer satisfaction, and agent performance.

Moreover, the integrated Phedone GenAI technology will allow clients using Diabolocom’s Cloud environment to personalize customer journeys by leveraging “innovative, agile and ethical” [AI] models.

Jonathan Foureur, the Director of AI at Diabolocom, added:

The Phedone teams are delighted to see their technologies and know-how deployed on a large scale within Diabolocom. This will benefit all Customer Relations players in Europe and then on the rest of the international scene thanks to a mastered technology, refined for customer relations.

Diabolocom also notes that its new GenAI offering will platform the firm as a “sovereign alternative” to other technology firms that are currently dominating the AI market.

International prospective buyers can access the solutions via the Diabolocom Cloud solution platform. Alternatively, customers can access it through APIs on the firm’s website.

New Features, New Expectations

Now that Diabolocom is ready to let its clients leverage GenAI tools, new opportunities are coming for its user base.

Diabolocom notes how AI solutions can help firms anticipate customer needs while optimizing call center agents’ efficiency.

Frédéric Durand, President and Founder of Diabolocom, added:

The contact center is positioning itself as the primary interface between a company and its customers… Our ambition is to emerge as the European leader in cloud-based customer interaction management, with responsible data management and a goal of carbon neutrality by 2030.

Thanks to Phedone-powered GenAI tools, firms can utilize trained AI models that are ready to optimize customer experience workflows, covering transcription, categorization, call summarization, sentiment analysis, and multi-language autonomous conversational agent use cases.

Diabolocom also uses proprietary AI frameworks, which promote the “digitization and democratization” of such CX AI applications.

The proprietary AI frameworks meet European data security and corporate compliance requirements.

Additionally, the framework operates under optimized models for meeting sustainability goals.

The news comes as countless firms are leveraging GenAI tools for improved CX outcomes.

ServiceNow, Google, and others are introducing the emerging AI technology landscape as part of the product offerings for contact center clients.

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