Dialpad Launches a “First Ever” AI Engine to Measure CSAT

The solution allows companies to glean CSAT scores from customer conversations instead of relying on post-call surveys

Dialpad Launches a “First Ever” AI Engine to Measure CSAT
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Published: June 7, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Dialpad has released a solution that assesses every contact center conversation and predicts customer satisfaction (CSAT) in real-time.

By putting forward the “Ai CSAT” solution, Dialpad aims to help companies move away from post-call surveys, which can cause customer fatigue and are sometimes considered “spam” or “junk mail”.

In addition, the provider hopes that the insights will empower CX teams to determine critical drivers of and barriers to customer happiness.

Early adopters have also harnessed the solution to enhance coaching efficiency, decrease agent time to proficiency, and lower customer churn.

Dialpad suggests that these customers have realized as much as a 15% improvement in CSAT scores within the first three weeks of use.

One such early adopter was Human-I-T, a charity that provides devices, internet access, digital skills support, and tech training for less fortunate communities.

Discussing their experiences with the Ai CSAT solution, Rena Bishop, Information Technology Supervisor at Human-I-T, said:

We speak to hundreds of customers each month but receive very few responses to our customer feedback survey. [Now] we can easily check the predictive rate in real-time and combine [it] with the survey responses for a more complete picture. Our customer service department loves it because it gives us feedback without inconveniencing the customer.

Also, Bishop reports that the solution has helped them work with agents to nurture behaviors that drive CSAT while also increasing engagement – as teams receive a steady stream of performance insights.

For this reason, the solution can revolutionize contact center quality management, helping redefine scorecard criteria and the agent feedback process.

Yet, there a broader CX benefits as companies can kickstart initiatives to build bridges with low CSAT customers and drive more value from high-CSAT customers. For those who are reasonably satisfied, the company can attempt to bolster bonds and secure loyalty.

Excited by such possibilities, Craig Walker, Founder and CEO of Dialpad, added:

With our pioneering customer intelligence solutions – including the recent launches of AI-powered Customer Engagement, Conversational Ai, and now Ai CSAT – [the] Dialpad Ai Contact Center is easily five years ahead of anything in the market today.

While this statement is perhaps a little excessive, the technology is advanced and is learning all the time, already processing three billion minutes of customer conversations and becoming more intelligent by the hour.

Also, in providing the solution, Dialpad is helping companies impact business metrics in a positive, forward-thinking manner.

Such is the opinion of Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy. She added:

Nearly 80% of companies are guiding or planning to guide agent performance using real-time customer feedback. But if that feedback is only looking at a small slice of customer conversations, how accurate is it and will it really improve CSAT to its maximum potential?

“The predictive capabilities of Dialpad Customer Intelligence are a game-changer for continuous improvement in agent performance, and in turn, customer satisfaction.”

These “game-changing” AI capabilities are now available to all Dialpad Ai Contact Center customers across the globe.

The release of the Ai CSAT solution follows the recent addition of new digital channels and virtual agent support to the Dialpad CCaaS platform, highlighting just how quickly the vendor is innovating – especially with regards to AI.



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