Enghouse Discusses Its Latest Innovations, IoT, and ChatGPT

Enghouse Interactive deliver innovation CX solutions via AI and ML technology

Enghouse CX Suite to Deliver Innovative Customer Service Delivery
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Published: March 30, 2023

Rory Greener

Rory Greener

Enghouse Interactive is a CX solutions provider delivering a range of contact center services based on various technologies stacks and open standards.

Enghouse Interactive offers compliance, security, and privacy tools via a cloud-based ecosystem that keeps clients secure. Companies can manage, monitor, and measure data without violating security standards with Enghouse’s CX tools.

The firm offers a range of integrated tools via its product portfolio, including screen recording tools, real-time speech analysis, data storage systems, BI software, and more.

The firm is even introducing new CX solutions leveraging emerging technology to provide leading CX solutions.

Larry Ekiert, Demand Generation Leader at Enghouse Interactive, spoke with CX Today at Enterprise Connect 2023 in Orlando, Florida, to discuss the firm’s latest innovations.

Check out the following video to hear what Ekiert had to say, or skin the top takeaways, as highlighted below.

New CX Product Solution

Larry Ekiert explained that Enghouse’s CX solution provides a “more comprehensive approach to bringing contact centers to the marketplace.” He added that clients receive a unified communications platform that blends traditional focuses towards customer service aspects.

Ekiert added:

So we’ve got a single source solution that addresses both the front and back office agents, bringing everybody together. It helps reduce response time issues. It helps them drive up their first call resolution and all those kind of things.

Additionally, Enghouse is introducing IoT solutions within its service. Ekiert notes that clients can introduce “traditional aspects” of their organization, which are essential “to drive business and drive customer success”, stemming from triggering devices – explaining that the firm’s CX solution could assist with elements in healthcare environments like patient tracking.

ML and AI Use Cases

Another area that Enghouse is exploring is ML, and AI use cases for its CX suite. Using AI and ML algorithms, clients can accelerate customer interaction and resolve customer queries faster.

The expanded presence of each emerging technology allows firms such as Enghouse to engage with customers on their journey more personally, with the suite helping clients quickly identify and evaluate CX data.

Ekiert said:

So, customer service is understanding your journey from beginning to end and being able to understand what is happening: where, why, and how. So being able to actually analyse that conversation and see what’s triggering customers’ dissatisfaction or triggering their happiness, then taking that information and ensuring your policies, your procedures processes, your assets, your customer support, are all in line to be able to execute and deliver.

Concerning the rising ChatGPT platform, Ekiert said that OpenAI is taking the technology to “another level.” However, the Demand Generation Leader added that Chat GPT has “a lot of downsides,” such as biases.

Ekiert also added:

So looking at that from the perspective of how do you fence that or wall that off so that you’re using AI specifically to address a business need within a specific vertical? The right way, is the way the approach that we [Enghouse Interactive] are taking.

Why Should Clients Care?

With constantly emerging CX avenues to manage, firms must gain a CX solution to help keep customers engaged by leveraging innovative tools and features to drive retention.

Ekiert noted that when it comes to customer service, “everything that you do, you want to engage with people calling in or the people that you’re working with, at a level that transcends the norm.”

The Demand Generation Leader said:

Then as you go forward and communicate across your organisation using unified communications to reach other people that wouldn’t necessarily be reachable, that then helps ensure it’s a more successful engagement. Doing all of those things from a human as well as a machine perspective, blending it in the most efficient way possible.

Ekiert also noted that Enghouse is “listening to what the customers are telling [us].” He explained that Enghouse is evolving and developing its solutions to address feedback.

Moreover, Ekiert concluded:

We really focus on innovation in a different way and I like using the term ‘practical innovation.’ Not innovation for the sake of innovating; it’s innovation for the sake of delivering solutions that are going to help our customers achieve their objectives as quickly as they possibly can.

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