Five9 2.0: An Evolution That Started with Its Aceyus Acquisition

As Five9 continues its charge upmarket, its CCaaS platform advances with it

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Published: March 18, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

“We’re going to look back at this acquisition as what helped springboard Five9 2.0.” 

Zeus Kerravala, Principal Analyst at ZK Research, made this comment during an interview with CX Today shortly after Five9 snapped up Aceyus last year.  

While that statement may seem surprising, under scrutiny, the acquisition brings many short- and long-term benefits to Five9. 

The latter will “springboard” its ambitions to deliver a powerful platform for the age of data and AI.  

In the Short-Term

Consolidated Reporting

Aceyus enables consolidated reporting across CRM, ACD, workforce engagement management (WEM), and many more contact center systems. 

Yet, what’s also interesting is it’s not only contact centers that leverage Aceyus. Other customer experience functions – whether it’s commerce, sales, or marketing – may utilize the platform to connect disparate data from siloed enterprise systems.  

Previously, that required the input of a systems integrator or developers. However, Aceyus delivers an all-encompassing solution for data consolidation, providing a standardized toolkit tailored for both data analysis and visualization.  

As a result, Five9 customers can avoid common data-related challenges like duplication, misdirection, or inconsistencies. Meanwhile, they may also create an essential source of truth for customer insight.  

CCaaS Migration Support

As Aceyus ingests data from various contact center tools, it may act as a customer data platform (CDP) that aids enterprise CCaaS migrations.  

Mike Burkland, Chairman and CEO of Five9, shared this use case when first announcing the acquisition. He said: 

Aceyus’s ability to normalize the entire dataset allows the business to transition from legacy systems to Five9 while maintaining consistent reports, data visualization, and dashboards.

To dive deeper, compare Aceyus to a bypass machine and a CCaaS migration to a heart transplant.  

Throughout the “operation,” Aceyus facilitates an uninterrupted stream of data, sustaining the essential flow required without requiring any disruption to business operations.  

As a result, companies can save significant time and resources when migrating from on-premise solutions to the Five9 cloud. 

In the Long Run

Data Management

As noted previously, Aceyus ingests data from various customer experience platforms and delivers that data to where it matters most. 

Therefore, not only can Aceyus report on and visualize data within its platform, but it offloads it downstream to a customer’s data lake for further mining of insights. 

As a result, businesses can create curated new data sets on top of cross-functional data. That may bring many benefits, especially for a business’s AI strategy… 

Powerful AI

With better, curated data sets, businesses can apply AI to achieve outcomes, such as achieving a clearer view of customer needs, service request anticipation, and accurate customer support guidance at-scale. 

Moreover, curated data sets can improve the accuracy of AI models, like those used for hyper-personalization – as Burkland noted.  

“Aceyus will enable Five9 to access this contextual data to optimize, predict, and deliver the personalized journeys customers expect,” the CEO stated.  

Yet, this is only one possibility, and as Five9 unveils more AI tools, these possibilities will grow. As Burkland suggested: 

This applies especially to our AI and automation solutions where the use of this contextual data is critical to the accuracy and efficacy required to deliver joyful customer experiences.

That’s an exciting proposition for Five9, given the company’s deep AI portfolio, which includes intelligent virtual agents (IVAs), conversational intelligence, and much more.  

In the long run, this portfolio will swell much further – and that next-level data management will offer Five9 a compelling differentiator. 

Five9 Is Now a CCaaS Leader: Can It Stay There?

Over the past few years, Five9 has engaged in a global expansion, achieved Gartner Magic Quadrant leader status, and charged upmarket.  

As a result, its enterprise business has skyrocketed, and – by acquiring Aceyus – the vendor may have added jet fuel to further accelerate its growth.  

After all, enterprises leverage more customer experience solutions, and their need for consolidated reporting grows much more acute. The Aceyus acquisition delivers that and promises even more.  

In the long run, Aceyus will support an increasing number of enterprise CCaaS migrations, pull in relevant data, and enable the enhanced performance of AI models across the Five9 platform.  

That’s quite the value proposition and lays the foundations for Kerravala’s Five9 2.0. 

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