Five9 Integrates Salesforce’s Einstein into its AI Suite

It will be available via the latest release of Five9 for Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony

Five9 Integrates Salesforce’s Einstein into its AI Suite
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Published: June 5, 2024

James Stephen

Five9 has revealed that its latest release of Five9 for Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony will include Saleforce’s Einstein.

Einstein is a generative AI solution, designed by the CRM giant Salesforce to enhance customer interactions by creating intelligent, customized recommendations to service teams based on extensive datasets.

This product partnership represents the latest collaboration between the two customer experience (CX) providers and will strengthen Five9’s existing AI offering.

Dan Burkland, President of Five9, listed some of the benefits its customers can enjoy by incorporating Einstein: “Five9 understands the power of elevating the customer experience through innovative technology and seamless integrations.

 “Our collaboration with Salesforce pushes the boundaries of what is possible.

“Infusing Einstein’s AI insights into the contact center and CRM eliminates repetitive tasks while also guiding agents with the next best actions they know will help them be more effective.”

Einstein Meets Five9

According to Five9, the combination of Einstein and Five9’s own set of AI solutions will help improve CX, increase management understanding of operational health, and assist agents in providing better responses to customer requests.

Einstein AI will utilise Five9’s open APIs and Five9 TranscriptStream to find ways to offer agents real-time solutions via ‘Next Best Action’ guidance.

The AI solution can create real-time transcriptions of customer conversations check recording accuracy and assess their utility to customer journeys.

Through an integration with Salesforce Einstein Conversation insights, it is also able to bolster conversation intelligence.

The partnership between Five9 and Salesforce is one of the longest in the CCaaS industry, having been in place for more than 15 years.

Recently, Five9 made it possible for agents to use its call dispositions from within the Salesforce omnichannel widget and Voice Call page.

As a result, organizations can automatically update their call dispositions within the Five9 call database, which will enhance the accuracy of reporting throughout the integration.

The updated version of Five9 for Service Cloud Voice with Partner Telephony will be available from June 30th.

Sheila McGee-Smith, President & Principal Analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics, shared her assessment of the integration: “Five9’s deeper integration with Salesforce Einstein offers a new level of choice for customers who are looking for AI capabilities that best match their contact center needs and existing technology investments.

“When coupled with features like Five9 TranscriptStream – also being announced today – organisations can dramatically reduce an agent’s workload while improving the customer’s overall experience.

“This next step in the Salesforce-Five9 relationship shows the commitment each company has to its sizable joint customer base to easily take advantage of the latest AI innovations.” 

Five9’s latest earnings report shows that the company has achieved 15x growth for AI and automation, including securing one of its biggest ever deals with a prominent US bank, which serves 70 million customers around the world.

This will reportedly lead to a gain of $50 in annual recurring revenue (ARR) for Five9.

In April, the AI assistant Einstein Copilot became generally available. Powered by generative AI (GenAI), Einstein Copilot is a conversational assistant integrated into every Salesforce application.

Through these apps, employees can interact with Copilot to execute diverse workflows and pose inquiries using natural language.



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