Google Begins Its First Commercial CCaaS Deployment

Find out how U.S. internet provider Segra plans to implement the solution

Google Wins Its First Commercial CCaaS Customer
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Last Edited: December 14, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Google is working on the first full-scale commercial deployment of its Contact Center AI platform.

It is no small deployment either, working with Segra, a prominent U.S. internet provider with employees across 90 facilities.

The CCaaS solution will integrate with Segra’s CRM, capturing conversational data to provide a unified view of the customer journey.

Yet, the deployment also aims to support smartphone-first customer experiences, building out Segra’s digital proposition.

Thanks to Google, this will soon include AI-powered self-service with a built-in escalation path to a live agent.

If the customer chooses to escalate, the context of their journey follows them, ensuring that the customer does not have to repeat themselves and improving the agent experience.

Hinting at why her team chose Google for CCaaS – over its many competitors – Rose Chambers, CIO at Segra, pinpoints the platform’s intuitive UI and single agent workspace.

Chambers also picks out its IVR call management, AI-driven routing, and high configurability as significant advantages.

Adding his perspective, Kevin T. Hart, CEO of Segra, said:

We are continually expanding our services to help our customers grow, and are excited to be the first to leverage the new, comprehensive, innovative offering from Google Cloud, enabling a more powerful customer journey.

Segra also plans to further its work with Google, considering the implementation of a virtual agent in the IVR, screen pop with its CRM integration, and more customer messaging channels.

Other features that the internet provider may want to harness in the future include conversational analytics, agent-assist, and video.

Thrilled to work with Segra and implement the platform, George Nazi, VP of the Global Telecom Industry at Google Cloud, said:

Google Cloud is committed to helping telecommunication companies not only transform but accelerate their growth, competitiveness, and digital journeys.

Undoubtedly, the Google Cloud team will strive to implement the platform in many more sectors. However, some have raised questions about its commitment to CCaaS.

After all, if it could control ten percent of the space, would that move the needle in its overall revenues? Indeed, search is such a significant market for Google.

Yet, its recent intent in the space is positive, expanding its Contact Center AI suite into a fully-fledged platform and now winning its first customer.

How many more will come? Time will tell. Although, its UJET partnership and the recent announcement of its first-ever contact center innovation for Chrome may generate further intrigue and excitement.



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