HCLTech Implemented Amazon Connect, Now It’s Helping Other Enterprises Deploy the CCaaS Platform

The partnership aims to leverage automation and supercharge progress

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HCLTech Implemented Amazon Connect, Now It's Helping Other Enterprises Deploy the CCaaS Platform - CX Today News
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Published: June 21, 2024

Susie Harrison

In early 2021, HCLTech started using Amazon Connect – a pay-as-you-go omnichannel cloud contact center – for new B2B call center customers.

Over the next 18 months, HCLTech added 500 contact center seats from ten different customers globally.

The tie-up saw huge benefits. The time to onboard new customers decreased to from 30 days to one week, alongside noticeable cost reductions.

HCLTech also expedited its internal reporting, using interactive dashboards on Amazon QuickSight.

Now, it can create analytics reports in three to four days, compared to 15 days with its previous on-premises system.

Designing report templates, which were previously restricted by storage and server capacity limits, yielded more gains. Thanks to the AWS Cloud, capacity and scaling are no longer limited.

While HCLTech’s previous system had some AI and ML capabilities, implementing these came with high financial and human resource costs. Amazon Connect introduced a more agile method for integrating third-party applications, including Salesforce and ServiceNow.

With a minor adjustment, new capabilities became available, including auto ticket creation, getting ticket status from ServiceNow, and reporting within service logs.

In the second stage of its project rollout – later in 2021 – HCLTech introduced features such as real-time sentiment analysis using Contact Lens for Amazon Connect.

These enhancements provided clients with insights on trends in user conversations to improve customer service and train agents to raise quality standards.

Driving Continuous Improvement

During the implementation, HCLTech got first-hand experience in implementing Amazon Connect within its global business.

Amazon Connect is essentially a set of best-in-class building blocks, and HCLTech became familiar with the best approaches to join these best-of-breed CCaaS elements together.

For instance, HCLTech built a Connect plug that delivers a complete IVR call flow, boosting satisfaction for both customers and call center agents.

Now, it makes that readily available to clients to ease their CCaaS transformations.

Yet HCL Tech’s Contact Center Practice has done much more, helping businesses move their contact centers to Amazon Connect, alongside other CCaaS platforms.

Amazon Connect’s features and availability have considerably improved – and continue to improve – since HCLTech’s implementation in 2021.

Notably, the open architecture and ease of integration contribute to a smooth experience thanks to its plug-and-play installation

One example of how users can take advantage of its flexibility is by building an extra layer of security without involving third-party vendors.

Shaping the Future of IT Together

Having implemented Amazon Connect successfully for enterprise clients across several continents, HCLTech is bringing the tried-and-tested, next-gen solution to its clients.

By harnessing the power of AWS’s ML-powered services, HCLTech has revolutionized its business operations, enhanced its offerings, and driven digital transformation for organizations around the world.

As customer service expectations reach new heights, HCLTech’s contact center solutions are levelling up to meet them.

Find out more at: https://www.hcltech.com/digital-foundation/contact-center


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