Intercom Launches a Host of Customer Engagement Tools

Sandra Radlovački

The new releases aim to drive personalised experiences

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Intercom Launches a Host of Customer Engagement Tools

Intercom has launched three new capabilities that drive customer engagement and improve customer experience: Intercom SMS, Custom Actions, and Custom Objects.

Intercom SMS is a two-way tool made for sales, marketing, and support teams that enables them to interact with customers, by replacing one-sided SMS tools and dead-end messages, which often feel generic and disconnected for customers.

The SMS solution is built natively into the Intercom platform, and users can leverage it together with its omni-channel offering. This allows companies to capture and store more customer data, paving the way for a more personalised and targeted SMS messaging strategy.

The feature is currently available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Jane Honey, Senior Product Director at Intercom, said: “Intercom exists to help businesses provide better experiences for their customers.

“These new features help businesses make the most out of every opportunity they have to connect with a customer—whether it’s building stronger customer relationships through two-way conversations, or leveraging automation for faster and better experiences for both their support teams and customers.”

Custom Actions and Custom Objects are no-code platform features that connect Intercom’s Custom Bots and Resolution Bot with first-party data from external sources. By doing so, bots can answer questions and resolve issues faster, without the need for human intervention.

These features enable bots to deliver personalised self-serve experiences fast.

Intercom says that Custom Actions and Custom Objects are examples of how the company is “building the future of automated support”.

Elsewhere, Intercom recently released a study that found that conversational experiences are fueling customer retention.

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