Introducing the CCaaS Vendor That Uses AI Education as a Core Differentiator

This provider forms close customer partnerships to help them avoid the many pitfalls of AI

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Introducing the CCaaS Vendor That Uses AI Education as a Core Differentiator - CX Today News
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Published: January 3, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

The growth of the CCaaS market somewhat emulates that of the on-premise space decades ago.

A few big-name providers are taking charge at the top end of the market, while some smaller vendors enjoy success with a specialism.

Typically, that specialism is in a region or vertical. Yet, Cirrus has a more unique differentiator: AI education.

AI Education as a CCaaS Differentiator

Cirrus is going the extra mile to educate customers and partners about AI technology.

In doing so, the CCaaS vendor ensures they understand the purpose and benefits of each AI capability that runs across its platform.

Yet, most crucially, it first works with a contact center to ensure it has the best foundation to build upon with AI.

That follows the wise words of a certain Bill Gates, who once said:

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”

Such consultation is a critical business driver for Cirrus. Indeed, Northern Ireland Water described Cirrus’s approach as “second to none,” while Lambeth labeled it “outstanding”.

Moreover, as Stuart Sheppard, Contact Center Manager at Cats Protection, said in a testimonial:

“Cirrus showed us that there were more fundamental issues to be addressed and that the solution was to adapt to our customers’ requirements by operating smarter.”

After completing this groundwork, Cirrus applies AI innovation and continuous white-glove service.

This AI innovation is not only outcome-based but follows a roadmap guided by customer feedback.

Building an AI Platform That Challenges the CCaaS Elite

In an effort to differentiate, some of the larger CCaaS players are adding features that typically lie outside of the contact center’s wheelhouse.

For instance, some realize they have numerous engagement channels and journey orchestration tools, so they are starting to veer into the realms of marketing automation.

As they make such audacious moves, Cirrus keeps its AI innovation service-focused, supporting teams in overcoming the most pressing problems they face today. Its close customer relationships again help here.

“We put the emphasis on each customer’s unique value proposition,” said Dan Lloyd, Channel Director at Cirrus.

“By first focusing on the foundations, having all technology in one place, easy management, integration capabilities, we can become incredibly outcome-driven with AI.”

Moreover, it has lots of AI at its fingertips to help businesses start with long-hanging fruit use cases and slowly build more advanced strategies.

For instance, the vendor recently launched Cirrus Copilot, a GenAI-powered virtual assistant that auto-generates conversation summaries, interaction insights, and even customer replies.

Agents can move that auto-generated content straight over to the CRM, which shares the same platform as Cirrus’s contact center, WFO, dialer, IVR, scripting, and other solutions.

Spreading the Word Through Iron-Clad Partnerships

While it may not have the marketing budget of a CCaaS stalwart, Cirrus has a burgeoning channel partner ecosystem.

Through this, word of its differentiative approach is getting around, and Lloyd’s job is to further perpetuate these sound waves.

“Our mature partner strategy has allowed us to establish reliable processes, references, and a serious presence in the channel world.”

Lloyd gives several examples of prominent partners, including the likes of Opus, Gamma, and DuoCall.

The latter is the latest coup for Cirrus, with DuoCall praising Cirrus’s scalability and – unsurprisingly – success in exceeding client demands.

Together, Cirrus and DuoCall aim to combine advanced AI and cloud technologies to deliver superior customer service and “establish industry standards for excellence”.

Making CCaaS and AI the Ultimate Duo

Success with AI in customer experience is anything but a given. Indeed, Rebecca Wetteman, CEO & Principal Analyst at Valoir, suspects that many AI projects will suffer “spectacular” failures in 2024.

“Lack of mature technology, adequate policies and procedures, training, and safeguards are creating a perfect storm for AI accidents far more dramatic than just hallucinations,” she said during a recent CX predictions video.

“Expect public fails, lawsuits, and effective shake-ups of technology vendors and AI adopters when things go awry.”

Cirrus recognizes these risks and offers its customers the support to circumvent “the perfect storm” – as Wetteman puts it.

For more on its CCaaS approach and philosophy, visit:

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