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Published: December 6, 2023

Charlie Mitchell

CX Today has launched a CX Predictions series for 2024, sharing golden snippets of insight from 11 of the customer experience industry’s most prominent figures.

Each looks through the crystal ball, going beyond generative AI and the confines of the contact center to pinpoint emerging trends that will impact CX leaders in the year to come.

Of course, nobody can predict the future with certainty. Yet, with a rich understanding of the current state of play in CX, our participants shared their unique views on the direction the market is heading in – allowing all viewers to keep ahead of the curve. They include:

Check out the video above to dive deeper into all of the hot takes – or scan some of the most eyebrow-raising predictions below.

Prepare for Spectacular AI Failures

Rebecca Wetteman, CEO & Principal Analyst at Valoir, anticipates several high-profile AI failures in 2024 due to immature technology, inadequate policies, and insufficient training.

Moreover, she warns of well-publicized incidents, lawsuits, and executive shakeups resulting from AI accidents, highlighting the importance of responsible, cautious AI adoption.

An Imperative for Value Clarity

Justin Robbins, Evangelist at 8×8, expresses concern about the mounting pressure on CX leaders to articulate and prove the value of customer experience.

In his prediction for 2024, he emphasizes the need for a clear focus on defining and measuring the right outcomes, ensuring organizations understand the financial impact of their CX initiatives.

The Evolution of Personalized Experiences

Michael Fauscette, Founder, CEO & Chief Analyst at Arion Research, predicts an evolution in personalized experiences fueled by generative AI and consolidated customer data platforms.

He envisions a shift from static customer journeys to dynamic, individualized interactions in real-time – sharing lots of excellent examples within the video.

Natural Language Interfaces (NLIs) Take Center Stage

Simon Harrison, Founder, CEO, & Executive Partner at Actionary, predicts that natural language interfaces (NLIs) in customer service applications will take center stage in 2024.

According to Harrison, NLIs represent a paradigm shift by leveraging infinite data and eliminating the constraints of traditional UI interface design.

Many examples of this are already out there – including Microsoft Copilot – and expect lots more to come to the fore in 2024.

AI That Fits Unique Needs

Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research, forecasts a transformation in CX professionals’ approach to AI.

He predicts a shift from the “deer in headlights” phase to a do-it-yourself mentality, where CX leaders will pick and choose AI solutions that align with their unique needs, incorporating them seamlessly into their critical customer interactions.

Verint’s new specialized bot strategy is perhaps already an indication of how vendors will support this shift in thinking.

Catch Up on All the Other Predictions

Watch the video to catch up on all the predictions – including those from the likes of Oru Mohiuddin, Martin Schneider, and Rob Scott.

And, for those who still want more, check out the similar predictions videos released by our sister publications UC Today and XR Today – which dive deeper into other arenas of enterprise tech.


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