Invoca Unveils a New CX Solution

Sandra Radlovački

The conversational intelligence solution aims to enable agents to improve caller experiences

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Invoca Unveils a New CX Solution

Invoca has launched a new conversation intelligence solution – Invoca for Multi-Location CX – to enable multi-location and franchise brands to improve service experiences and increase sales conversion rates.

The solution provides national and regional contact centre teams with a centralised platform to analyse and optimise caller experiences at their business’ locations.

Gregg Johnson, CEO of Invoca, said: “Phone calls are make-or-break moments in customer and patient journeys, driving trillions of dollars in annual revenue for enterprises in automotive, healthcare, home services, retail and other high-touch industries.”

“Businesses today must compete and win with customer experience, and Invoca for Multi-Location CX provides the data and technology for businesses to deliver exceptional experiences to every call to every location, accelerating revenue growth and improving customer loyalty.”

Invoca for Multi-Location CX combines AI-powered speech analytics, automated call scoring, intelligent call routing, and conversational IVR capabilities deliver seamless experiences from anywhere.

Companies can do so by automatically routing calls based on customer intent, location or the time they call. Further, organisations can use conversational IVRs to qualify callers or assist them when locations are closed or busy.

The solution also works with every telephony provider and device with no disruptions.

Previously, Invoca launched a Lost Sales Recovery feature which helps businesses recapture revenue from missed calls and improve the performance of sales agents.

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