Laivly Launches an Attended AI Platform

The new solution assists contact centre agents with various tasks

Laivly Launches an Attended AI Platform
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Published: July 20, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Contact centre solutions provider Laivly has launched an attended AI platform.

Founded in 2017, Laivly has gradually enhanced its AI-powered contact centre technology and working with early adopters in preparation for a big launch.

Similar to agent assist, Laivly’s attended AI platform sits on an agent’s desktop, automating processes to help agents perform tasks efficiently.

The catch is that it’s not just recommending actions to assist a customer, it’s also performing those actions, delivering a consistent experience for every agent.

With pre-integrated AI workflows, agents can focus on the most complex tasks while AI does the mundane work.

The platform adds a layer of artificial intelligence, machine learning (ML), and automation to any existing ecosystem, integrating with every contact centre stack.

In addition, Laivly’s tailored orchestration layer enables users to tie the tech stack together without needing back-end APIs, allowing immediate and straightforward integration.

Highlighting the benefits of attended AI, Jeff Fettes, Founder and CEO of Laivly, wrote in a blog post:

“Attended AI can help agents track down vital information (oftentimes before they know they need it); automate repetitive, low-value tasks; and guide agents through workflows and various tools a brand uses for customer care.

“When agents can spend quality time on a client’s needs, customer service is completely transformed. The quality of experience is better, and the resolution is usually one that benefits both the customer and the brand.”

Laivly says its technology is already being used by top Fortune 500 companies, across industries including eCommerce and CPG. The company also says its solutions can achieve up to a 300% ROI for some customers.

After implementing its solution, Laivly’s customers also reported a 15% improvement in CSAT, a 40% improvement in average handle time (AHT), and a 90% improvement in email per hour.


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