LiveVox Shares Powerful Insights at EC 23

Talking technology transformation with LiveVox

LiveVox Shares Powerful Insights at EC 23
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Last Edited: April 11, 2023

Rob Scott

Rob Scott

During Enterprise Connect 2023 in March, I had a unique opportunity to speak to a number of market leaders in the communication landscape, about how their companies are responding to the rapidly changing tech space. Though this sector has been growing consistently for years now, innovations have been coming thick and fast in the last few months.

AI trends like ChatGPT are generating endless hype among businesses investing in CX and UC solutions, and every vendor wants to ensure they’re delivering the right cutting edge solutions.

LiveVox, a contact center software company committed to transforming the future of omnichannel communications, is one of the many organizations focused on finding new ways to respond to customer needs. I spoke to CEO, John DiLullo, to learn more about the brand’s evolving tech strategy.

The Trends Dominating the CX Landscape

According to John, artificial intelligence is perhaps one of the most exciting topics gaining the most attention among CX customers right now. However, the focus isn’t just on using AI to streamline customer experiences, but to improve employee experiences too.

“There are a lot of companies complaining about open seats, high turnover, and difficulty finding trained people to manage the contact center. I think this all highlights an opportunity to really work on improving the experience for contact center agents. Businesses are focusing on helping their contact center agents generate better experiences, with automation, and intelligence. There’s also a growing focus on bringing the numerous channels agents need to manage together in one convenient place.

John noted the latest evolutions in the CX market means agents don’t necessarily have to undergo weeks of training, they just need to have the right tools available to keep them well-informed during customer conversations. Even relatively simple solutions like real-time transcription can accelerate the experience for customers, and enhance employee productivity.”

What’s Hot in the Contact Center Market

For LiveVox, successfully adapting to changing customer expectations starts with empowering the changing workforce. Engaged agents, whether remote or on-premises, deliver better service. Providing staff members with the right tools is the first step in ensuring a company can achieve it’s goals for customer satisfaction.

“One of the things our customers love most about our solution, is the unified agent experience. Employees don’t need to learn how to use 10 different apps or switch between multiple screens. They can leverage everything they need in one place.”

At the same time, John says there’s a growing interest in automation, AI, and tools that can augment the human workforce. LiveVox believes the future holds a number of opportunities and challenges for companies. Companies will have new opportunities to engage their customers and simplify experiences, but they’ll also need to ensure they’re adapting to the right changing expectations.

“I think having a secure contact center is going be essential too. That’s why LiveVox has focused so heavily on our zero trust infrastructure. All of our APIs and communications are encrypted, all of our solutions aim to protect customer data. We’re extremely disciplined in this area, as we believe the security concerns of the digital age are still some of the biggest barriers to cloud adoption.”

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