Microsoft Ramps Up Its Contact Center Plans

New additions to its Azure Communication Services platform signal a growing intent in the CCaaS space

Microsoft Ramps Up Its Contact Center Plans
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Published: April 7, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Microsoft has released first-party phone numbers for the UK and Denmark, signaling an intent to increase the scope of its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service contact center.

These additions to its Azure Communications Services (ACS) – the Microsoft CPaaS platform – are significant because ACS provides the underlying infrastructure for the Dynamics 365 solution.

Indeed, the Dynamics voice channel uses ACS for PSTN connectivity. As Microsoft adds more PSTN country coverage to ACS, it increases its contact center coverage within those countries.

Previously, if a UK- or Denmark-based contact center wanted a native number from Microsoft, it could only receive a US number or bring in its own telephone number.

Discussing the significance of this move, Microsoft MVP and Founder of Empowering.Cloud Tom Arbuthnot says:

Microsoft adding more counties to its first-party PSTN coverage for Azure Communication Services makes it easier for companies to use ACS as a one-stop-shop for video, audio, and now PSTN inbound and outbound in those counties for their applications.

Such a “one-stop-shop” allows UK- and Denmark-based companies to build a Dynamics 365 contact center – while also harnessing the voice bot and routing features already available within ACS.

By adding further countries to its PSTN, Microsoft may accelerate the rollout of its contact center solution beyond the US.

Commenting on what this means for the future, Arbuthnot adds:

I expect as Microsoft get more coverage, they will push more on marketing/selling the PSTN abilities in Dynamics customer service.

While there was a lot of fanfare when Microsoft threw its hat into the contact center ring in November 2021, its application in the real world is yet to go full throttle.

Yes, the use of Microsoft Dynamics is widespread, but – at this time – it is rarely used to power the voice channel within businesses.

However, as UCaaS rival Zoom and global powerhouse Google recently announced plans to enter the CCaaS market, it seems as though a race to establish a strong presence within the space is on.




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