Most Innovative CCaaS Platform Vendors to Watch in 2022

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The top vendors offering CCaaS in 2022

Most Innovative CCaaS Platform Vendors to Watch in 2022

Demand for “as-a-service” solutions in the contact centre is on the rise. Today’s businesses know they need flexible, scalable, and agile tools for serving customers if they want to stay ahead of the curve. CCaaS platforms are the ultimate way to ensure ongoing business continuity, empower your team wherever they are, and access innovative tools at speed.

As countless companies continue to discover the benefits of taking their contact centre into the cloud, many innovative vendors have appeared to deliver their own version of the ultimate CCaaS platform. Some companies have infused these platforms with UCaaS features and extensibility in the form of API connections. Other brands concentrate on in-built tools for things like workforce management and analytics.

Here’s your guide to some of the most innovative CCaaS platform vendors worth watching in 2022.


One of the most flexible innovators in the contact centre space, 8×8 has long focused on bringing companies highly scalable and customisable tools for contact centre interactions. Recently, the brand introduced the 8×8 Agent Workspace, a landscape designed to streamline customer interactions while focusing heavily on improving agent experience.

With 8×8, companies can access powerful tools for the contact centre as a standalone solution or unlock the full eXperience platform, which combines contact centre innovations with embeddable communications and collaboration.

Content Guru

Named a Challenger in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS, Content Guru offers a highly intuitive solution to digital customer experience. The “storm” contact centre provides an omnichannel environment where agents and customers can interact across multiple channels, unlocking the power of reporting, intelligent routing, and endless integrations.

Storm is designed to integrate with a variety of third-party systems and can easily link to a host of CRM, WFM, and networking monitoring tools. With Content Guru, companies can build their single-pane-of-glass environment for CX more easily.


Leaders in the customer experience landscape, Talkdesk has been delivering exceptional tools for customer interaction for years now. Committed to constantly delivering new features and functionality, Talkdesk provides a platform that’s constantly evolving and delivering better experiences. The Talkdesk CCaaS environment comes with everything you need to innovate in the modern world.

Companies can access endless tools for omnichannel engagement, customer experience analytics, self-service tools, workforce engagement, and employee collaboration features, all in the same unified environment. There’s even a host of AI automation capabilities for everyday tasks.


Avaya’s OneCloud CCaaS solution is one of the most powerful tools in the contact centre environment today, empowering both employees and customers at the same time. The solution allows businesses to connect all their communication landscapes, from video and voice to chat, to ensure customers always get the most relevant and contextual experience. The OneCloud environment even comes with intelligent routing and innovative self-service tools.

With Avaya, companies can empower their team members, strengthen collaboration, and unlock the power of AI for extensive automation. The innovative technology is also extremely reliable, thanks to a communication provider you know you can trust.


Verint’s approach to the CCaaS landscape is heavily focused on empowering and enabling the modern agent. With access to workforce optimisation tools built into your contact centre, you can better track and support your team members, even when they’re working in an increasingly distributed hybrid environment.

Verint’s CCaaS platform is ideal for companies making the shift into the future of hybrid and remote work. The tools include everything from in-depth automation and workflows to boost team productivity to omnichannel communication services, so you can connect with your audience however they choose.


Easily one of the most forward-thinking companies in the CCaaS environment Twilio has a variety of tools to help companies transform the customer experience. The programmable approach Twilio takes to its technology means companies can adapt their contact centre to suit their needs, embed communication services into existing tools, and more.

Twilio’s all-in-one environment ensures business leaders can create the most flexible communication strategies on the market, with access to a host of integrations and powerful software solutions. With Twilio, you can essentially build the modern contact centre your team needs from scratch and adjust its functionality as you go.


Five9 takes an intelligent approach to the cloud contact centre, promising businesses an easy way to listen to their customers and understand their needs. With the Five9 CCaaS environment, companies can access incredible global voice functionality, as well as a host of digital engagement tools, with intelligent omnichannel routing for the whole customer journey.

Five9’s end-to-end solution for customer engagement also comes with a range of tools to transform and improve the agent experience, including access to unified communications features, customizable agent desktops, and CRM integrations. Essentially, you get everything you need for agile and effective customer service.


Flexible, innovative, and efficient, RingCentral’s CCaaS solutions provide a seamless solution for companies transitioning to contact centre functionality in the cloud. The comprehensive RingCentral CCaaS environment offers access to a range of inbound and outbound campaign features, digital engagement tools, and analytics.

You can access specialist contact centre solutions custom-made for retail, financial services, or healthcare companies and stay ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance and security. Plus, there’s also the option to expand your investment in RingCentral even further with access to RingCentral MVP for UCaaS technology.


Consistently named a leader by the Gartner Magic Quadrant, NICE delivers powerful tools for exceptional customer experience. The CXOne platform from NICE offers everything you might need to upgrade your contact centre, including smart self-service tools for your customers, journey orchestration features, and a range of empowering features for agents.

You can access innovative new capabilities, like AI insights and automate essential tasks to boost team productivity. There’s also a range of ways to customise your contact centre according to the specific needs of your teams and your customers. NICE is easily one of the top market leaders in the CCaaS space.


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