New GenAI-Powered Platform Addresses 80% of Customer Problems Without a Live Agent, Claims Khoros

The platform offers a solution that tunes into live agent interactions and generates new knowledge articles for its autonomous GenAI-powered virtual agents to leverage

New GenAI-Powered Platform Addresses 80% of Customer Problems Without a Live Agent, Claims Khoros
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Published: April 11, 2024

Charlie Mitchell

Khoros has claimed that its patent-pending, next-gen “Khoros Customer Care Cloud” will address up to 80 percent of its customers’ problems without a live agent in the loop.

In doing so, Khoros refers specifically to the virtual agent included within the Customer Care Cloud.

The generative AI-powered virtual agent – or “digital concierge”, as Khoros terms it – plugs into company knowledge sources to autonomously answer customer queries without prior training.

In utilizing the solution, businesses can build solutions within minutes, like the Klarna bot that – according to the financial services company – handles two-thirds of its live chat conversations.

Yet, with such a bot, businesses must employ a rigorous knowledge management strategy to ensure that the concierge delivers accurate, up-to-date information. Otherwise, their bots may dole out misleading responses and create many negative headlines – as New York City’s bot did in March.

Meanwhile, Air Canada recently got sued for its bot misinforming a customer and lost a court case arguing that the chatbot is a separate legal entity responsible for its own actions.

After these cases, Gartner warned contact centers against using AI to replace human agents – and other industry analysts have spoken out against autonomous GenAI use cases in customer service. The following LinkedIn post is a case in point.

With these warnings, businesses must proceed with caution when leveraging such GenAI-powered digital concierge models.

However, Khoros’s concierge goes further than many other models by extracting data from every customer interaction – driven by both live and virtual agents – into a “safe, self-learning system”.

That self-learning system forms new insights and generates support articles for the knowledge base – which the digital concierge feeds from, improving its outputs.

In this case, however, there is a human-in-the-loop who ensures the auto-generated knowledge article is high quality.

In addition, with 67 percent of global customer queries still requiring live agent involvement – according to Khoros – the potential cost savings of such a model are significant if the digital concierge really can address 80 percent of contacts.

Although, the word “address” is not “solve”, so prospective buyers may wish to dig deeper into that.

The Khoros Customer Care Cloud: What Else Is Included?

Embedded within the digital concierge is an escalation path, which brands may leverage so that – when something goes wrong – the conversation transfers to a live agent.

That live agent – who sees the conversation’s context – may then continue the interaction from where it broke down.

As they continue the conversation, the agent-assist solution – also available within the Customer Care Cloud – offers AI-driven recommendations to support a successful contact resolution.

Moreover, those recommendations may highlight upsell opportunities, which the live agent can utilize to generate increased revenues.

Thrilled to bring this all together, Chris Tranquill, CEO of Khoros, said: “Today marks a pivotal moment for the future of customer service and for our company.

The platform will be the culmination of years of innovation and a testament to the transformative power of generative AI combined with our enterprise-class digital customer engagement suite.

“I’m incredibly excited about this next frontier for our customers and for Khoros.”

Elsewhere, CX Today recently reported on how Swisscom snapped agent workloads in half by leveraging Khoros’ software.



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