Phrasee Latest Technology to Optimise Brand Language

Sandra Radlovački

The introduction of Phrasee X prompts Phrasee to enter the $8.5B customer experience market

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Phrasee Latest Technology to Optimise Brand Language

Phrasee, the leader in brand language optimisation, today announced Phrasee X, the first technology to allow marketers to automatically optimise language in real-time.

The introduction of Phrasee X prompts Phrasee to enter the $8.5B customer experience market, as being the only technology to enable brands to respond to customers quickly and personally by continually testing and updating their marketing language at each point of the customer journey.

Phrasee X optimises brand language in real-time by using advanced machine learning techniques. This builds on Phrasee’s natural language generation and deep learning capabilities to enhance its AI-powered SaaS platform. The technology is perceived to be a game-changer and allows brands to generate, optimise, automate and analyse language in their own voice.

Domino’s, eBay, Groupon, FARFETCH and Walgreens are some of the global brands that have been using Phrasee to generate on-brand language. The new features of Phrasee X enable brands to test multiple messages at once to identify top-performing language, improving copy with each send. The right content in digital environments leads to increased engagement and conversion rates.

Marissa Contreras, Director, Retention Marketing & Marketing Operations at Sephora, said: “Our relationship with Phrasee goes from strength to strength.”

“The technology and double digit results have been a revelation to us since we started working together in 2020. For Sephora, the AI natural language Phrasee generates with a click of a button is always on brand and streamlines the work of many. We kicked off using Phrasee across our email campaigns but quickly realized we should explore how we optimize our marketing language across the full customer journey.”

The technology of Phrasee X is built to seamlessly integrate with the largest CX marketing technology players, such as Adobe and Salesforce. The launch happened right when Phrasee hired Matt Simmonds as Chief Product Technology Officer to lead its technology development and product roadmap.

Parry Malm, CEO, Phrasee, said:

“Customer experience is king, and today’s marketers understand that their brand voice serves as a marketing megaphone, and the critical role language plays in allowing them to stay competitive.”

“Phrasee X adds rocket fuel to our AI-Powered SaaS platform with the ability to test multiple messages at once for ongoing optimization.”

Matt Simmonds said: “The pandemic has changed how brands connect with their customers. It’s created a huge new captive digital audience and driven a surge in demand for world-class content. Above all, it’s placed language at the heart of any customer experience strategy”

“I have been blown away by the Phrasee platform – it combines proprietary NLG, deep learning and optimization with human-specified guardrails that ensure all language is on brand and tuned to the needs of each marketing campaign. We solve a real problem for marketers and have proven ROI. This is a game-changer – AI just entered the marketing mainstream.”

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