Sales Experience Platform Walnut Secures $15M

Sandra Radlovački

Funds will be used for team growth and technology development

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Sales Experience Platform Walnut Secures $15M

Walnut, the world’s first sales experience platform, announced that it has raised $15 million in Series A funding.

This funding round comes just several months after a high-demand $6 million seed round, bringing the total funding raised to date to $21 million, less than a year after it was founded. The funds will be used to grow the team across its different offices in the US, Europe and Israel, as well as continue developing its unique technology and platform.

Walnut aims to redefine how SaaS companies improve their Go-To-Market with a holistic approach. The no-code platform enables teams to create customised product demos quickly and efficiently, integrate them into their sales and marketing processes, and generate insights – all functionalities which in-house development, the traditional way of creating demos, often do not provide sufficiently.

Prior to Walnut, sales demos were a challenge for all sides: generic experiences for the prospect, hardly any insights and clarity for the team leader – and internal friction between back-end teams and customer-facing teams.

While most sales products out there focus on the needs of the company, Walnut helps organisations become customer-centric, lowering barriers for demo creation and increasing the quality of the overall buying experience.

Walnut has grown to serve over 60 B2B clients, including Adobe, NetApp, Varonis, People AI, and many others, pioneering one of the trending tech categories of the year.

Walnut CEO Yoav Vilner says: “It has been an amazing first year for Walnut. We’re honored to have such experienced investors put their trust in us yet again. Our commercial traction and product value have been faster than we could have imagined.”




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