Salesforce Promises GenAI and Connected Data Capabilities in Summer 2024 Release

With hundreds of new features slated for the summer, we take a look at some of the highlights.

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Published: May 15, 2024

Rhys Fisher

Salesforce has announced its Summer 2024 release, with generative AI (GenAI) at the heart of many of the standout features.

Set to be generally available on June 17 2024, the tech giant outlined increased productivity and access to large language models (LLMs) on an open platform as some of the benefits of the Summer release.

Users will also have enhanced customer and company data protection thanks to the Einstein Trust Layer.

While the full release includes “hundreds of new features,” Salesforce listed the following six products as the “highlights” of the release:

Bring Your Own LLM Expansion

The solution seamlessly integrates OpenAI and Azure OpenAI LLMs with Salesforce. While the Summer release will include additional options such as Google Gemini and AWS Bedrock models (Mistral, Titan, Llama 2, and others).

Slack AI

In harnessing a company’s conversational data, the tool empowers users to operate more efficiently and intelligently by seamlessly integrating generative AI into the secure Slack platform.

Users can access a range of productivity-enhancing capabilities, such as recaps, offering a daily morning summary of important channels, and search answers, which all deliver personalized, intelligent responses to conversational inquiries.

Zero Copy Integration with Amazon Redshift

The tool is able to transfer data between Data Cloud and Amazon Redshift through zero-copy integration.

This integration enables Salesforce teams to access data directly from its source, ensuring real-time updates across all platforms whenever the source data changes.

Through features like data federation and data sharing, customers can now securely exchange their company data in both directions, leveraging Amazon Redshift datasets within Salesforce to enhance unified customer profiles and gain valuable insights.

Vector Database

Salesforce claims that the feature ingests, consolidates, and indexes both structured and unstructured data within the Data Cloud Vector Database, enabling automation, analytics, search, and AI functionalities.

Data Cloud for Commerce

The solution utilizes real-time analytics, automation, and personalization to enhance business insights and boost revenue.

By leveraging commerce data such as product details, order history, and fulfillment records, along with marketing and third-party data stored in Data Cloud, merchants gain the ability to make data-informed decisions.

Digital Wallet

The wallet provides insight into the usage of consumption-based products, enabling customers to optimize spending and identify trends over time for more informed purchasing choices.

Salesforce Pre-Summer Releases

While the above features might not be available for another month, there are still plenty of other new innovations available for Salesforce customers right now.

Announced last week, the company has released its Unified Knowledge Solution, which promises to deliver personalization and efficiency gains.

In essence, Unified Knowledge aggregates information from various internal systems and integrates it into Salesforce, enabling service agents to access it for improved productivity and faster customer case resolution.

This tool supplements Salesforce’s Data Cloud, enhancing its GenAI capabilities to provide quicker and more personalized customer experiences.

Building upon the existing Einstein for Service features, Unified Knowledge empowers AI models with a broader range of knowledge sources, including Salesforce articles and external platforms like SharePoint and Google Drive.

In other news, Salesforce has teamed up with Vonage to provide users of the latter’s Premier for Service Cloud Voice solution with Salesforce Einstein Conversation Insights integration.

Vonage’s expanded toolset positions the company among a select few contact center providers offering seamless integration with AI-driven Einstein Conversation Analytics.

This enhancement promises not only to elevate customer engagement but also to enhance both agent and customer experiences with “intelligent global calling capabilities.”

Salesforce’s Einstein Conversation Insights tool will enable Vonage Premier users to access real-time conversational data, including voice transcripts and caller sentiment – empowering more informed interactions.

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