SAP and Teradata Named “Leaders” in Gartner Magic Quadrant

The companies are hot on the heels of the most recognisable providers of cloud database management systems

SAP and Teradata Named “Leaders” in Gartner Magic Quadrant
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Last Edited: January 3, 2022

Charlie Mitchell

Alongside Microsoft, Amazon Web Services, and Google, disruptive vendors of cloud database management systems secured decorated positions in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

Most notably, SAP and Teradata were named as market leaders, demonstrating a strong vision and an exceptional ability to execute.

In a crowded marketplace, where the list of vendors and offerings grows ever longer, the position amongst industry giants will help to set these companies apart.

Thrilled by the announcement, JG Chirapurath, Chief Marketing and Solutions Officer at SAP, says:

We believe this latest Gartner report demonstrates how we’ve successfully transitioned our leadership in the data management space to the cloud.

In the report, its solution, SAP HANA CLOUD, received praise for its breadth and depth of functionality. Its multicloud, intercloud, and hybrid environments – in addition to a track record of steady adoption – were also noted, as Gartner continued to reveal the impressive findings.

Providing a unified, business-centric, and open platform for its customers, the SAP solution increases intelligence across the business. In doing so, it integrates and expands applications, streamlines workflows, and unlocks data-driven insights.

Such functionalities are a critical cog within the modern connected enterprise, which strives to enhance CX through collaboration.

Like SAP, Teradata garnered acclaim for the multicloud, intercloud, and hybrid environment within its Vantage Solution – especially in regards to “ease of use”. Gartner also highlights data fabric, alongside system and financial predictability, as distinguishable strengths.

These findings came as little surprise to the Teradata team. As Steve McMillan, CEO at Teradata, says:

Gartner’s recognition validates our approach of providing our industry-leading data platform to customers wherever they are on their cloud journey to deliver impactful business outcomes from start to enterprise scale.

Building on these strengths, Teradata will continue to advance the enterprise-scale data management capabilities within its Vantage solution.

To do so, they plan to prioritise price performance and financial governance with deployments while optimising the data platform for connected multi- and hybrid cloud ecosystems.

A shared approach to managing data, no matter where it resides, enables both Teradata and SAP to provide a complete view of the company.



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