Sinch Launches a Bot-Enhancing Engine

AskFrank provides an additional AI layer to chatbots to enhance conversational experiences

Sinch Launches a Bot-Enhancing Engine
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Published: September 15, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Sinch has released AskFrank, an “AI-enabled intelligent question-answering search engine.”

AskFrank adds an additional AI layer to chatbots, providing answers to questions unavailable in the chatbot’s current database, and expanding its information access.

It can also integrate into customer-facing, or knowledge bases.

Besides its capability to search for website pages, pdfs, and word docs, AskFrank can respond in over 100 languages and support agents in finding the best support materials.

Moreover, the engine unifies data from multiple sources and enables chatbots to self-learn from conversation recordings and transcripts.

Sunny Dhami, VP, Product Marketing, Sinch, said: “In an economy where more and more organisations are relying on chatbots to engage with their customers to lower operating costs, we are seeing customers often frustrated in cases when a chatbot can’t provide them the right answer.”

“Therefore, Sinch built AskFrank to improve the level of accuracy and customer experience in customer communication.

“Available to Sinch’s customers using our conversational AI platform, Chatlayer, and cloud contact center solution, Contact Pro, AskFrank improves any chatbot’s capability to understand natural language much better, so supporting agents in offering response suggestions so that they become more efficient, and less customers are forwarded to second- and third-line support.”

Symbolically named AskFrank, the engine provides direct and honest answers. Unlike typical search engines that target keywords, AskFrank searches for content based on the subject and the meaning.

By doing so, customers find what they are looking for, without typing in the right keywords.

Sinch shared a sneak peek of AskFrank by demonstrating how it works with Sinch’s Chatlayer voicebot in this video:

Then referred to as a digital assistant, AskFrank provided a list of suggested answers to a customer query.

Recent research shows that 60 percent of customers face frequent disappointment while interacting with chatbots. Could this release bring customers closer to a seamless chatbot experience? Many adopters will soon find out.


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