Spectrm Becomes WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Sandra Radlovački

Businesses can leverage one of the most popular messaging apps to convert shoppers and increase customer lifetime

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Spectrm Becomes WhatsApp Business Solution Provider

Conversational marketing platform Spectrm has become a global WhatsApp Business solution provider to make it easier for brands to connect with customers and benefit from personal, real-time messaging.

The company says they make data from customer conversations on WhatsApp “actionable at scale.”

WhatsApp Business helps brands grow audience lists of opt-in customers, convert shoppers with personalised offers and increase customer lifetime value with automated push notifications.

Max Koziolek, Spectrm’s CEO, said: “How people engage with and buy from brands has evolved. We live in a messaging-first and privacy-first world. People choose messaging because they want convenience, and nothing feels more natural on mobile than messaging.

“Privacy is front and center. Changes to regulation and technology are disrupting old ways of digital advertising. Conversational commerce is the future. It’s messaging-first, privacy-first, and ultimately customer-first. People use WhatsApp every day around the world, so demand from our global customers at Spectrm to integrate WhatsApp Business is high. We’re excited to add the channel to help brands automate one to one conversations with their customers.”

According to a Spectrm’s report, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide as 70% of users check it every day. 68% of users state it’s the easiest way to communicate with a business.

Spectrm claims that WhatsApp for Business is “the natural choice for building stronger customer relationships”.



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