Talkdesk Debut No and Low-Code Custom Call Center Tools

Rory Greener

Talkdesk Automation Designer and Workspace Designer launch easy to use CX production suite

Talkdesk Analysis
Talkdesk Debut No and Low-Code Custom Call Center Tools

This Wednesday, Talkdesk, a leading cloud-based customer experience (CX) solutions provider, introduced no-code and low-code tools for creating custom contact center systems.   

The firm is debuting Automation Designer and Workspace Designer into its Talkdesk Builder suite. The solutions also provide a self-service platform for designing bespoke customer experience hubs with various integrated applications.  

The new Talkdesk solutions significantly improve a business’ flexibility with easy-to-use pipelines. Talkdesk’s new tools allow a company to adapt its CX infrastructure to reflect changing expectations. 

The new Talkdesk tools also help an end-user overcome talent and resource constraints by implanting artificial intelligence (AI) networks.   

The integrated AI network provides Talkdesk developers with a simplified production pipeline. The AI infrastructure helps designers overcome common production hurdles like increasing software development costs and shrinking developer talent pools using automation.

Charanya Kannan, the Chief Product, Engineering, and Customer Officer at Talkdesk, explained that currently, many organizations are attempting to reorganize their contact center and CX structure through technical innovation. Although, many developers are facing consistent hurdles that Talkdesk can help overcome.  

She also added:   

Through our Builder portfolio and new tools like Automation Designer and Workspace Designer, Talkdesk is creating smarter ways for them to eliminate the barriers to contact center customization and bypass expensive, lengthy development cycles. Now they can achieve their CX goals faster while also outpacing the competition.  

What is on Offer?  

Automation Designer by Talkdesk is a “point-click-publish” tool for frontline workers wanting to design tailor-made AI-powered customer communication systems. The application also requires no coding experience enabling developers of any expertise to create deep CX services.  

Automation Designer provides a simple production pipeline for creating CX workflows covering various customer and internal challenges.  

Talkdesk’s tool lets in-house developers create automated dynamic conversation flows that respond to and solve customer queries and problems.  

Moreover, Talkdesk optimized Automation Designer for common CX use cases, including conversational AI for virtual agents and pre-scripted customer-to-agent conversations.  

On the other hand, Workspace Designer by Talkdesk is a low-code developer solution for creating and deploying custom, interoperable user interfaces (UI) for various contact center roles.  

The service lets IT teams and business end-users with little coding experience distribute UIs without overly straining in-house development resources.  

Due to its low-code structure, Workspace Designer allows a firm to create a CX UI efficiently with reduced costs and resources. Therefore, allowing a client to focus on other vital business goals.   

The low-code solution also helps a business react to market changes with automation tools for quickly adapting to evolving customer expectations.  

Additionally, the Workspace Designer tool reduces errors and enhances productivity across a frontline workforce with its simplified structure.   

Interested groups can access Workspace Designer and Automation Designer via Talkdesk’s product portfolio of CX design tools.  

The Talkdesk portfolio also includes no and low-code tools such as Talkdesk Connections, Studio, and Explore. The integrated solution enables the efficient design of custom CX solutions.  

The Talkdesk CX content creation hub also contains tools for integrating third-party applications, distributing omnichannel flows, and creating custom reports. 



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