Talkdesk Introduces Mobile and At-Home Solutions

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Discover Talkdesk On the Go and Talkdesk Remote

Talkdesk Introduces Mobile and At-Home Solutions

Leading cloud contact centre providers, Talkdesk, recently announced two new additions to its portfolio. Talkdesk On the Go and Talkdesk Remote aims to enhance operational flexibility and efficiency in the modern contact centre.

Following the rise in demand for work-from-home solutions caused by COVID-19, Talkdesk’s cloud solutions are becoming a popular way to shift employees in the new landscape. Companies across the globe are facing a demand to quickly pivot into the remote contact centre landscape to maintain business continuity. Even with a return to the office on the horizon, many companies can see the benefits of a fully or partially remote workforce.

These two new offerings will further support the WFH workforce. With Talkdesk Remote and On the Go, companies will be able to access advantages like real-estate cost savings, better scheduling flexibility, and greater staffing options.

Explore the WFH Contact Centre with Talkdesk Remote

Cloud-based contact centre solutions are giving companies access to benefits like lower turnover, reduced absenteeism, and better employee engagement. Happier team members also mean higher customer satisfaction. Talkdesk’s internal research shows that around 85% of their customers currently have agents working from home, and 60% plan to keep this strategy going.

Talkdesk On the Go and Remote serve this marketplace. Talkdesk Remote offers an easy way for companies to manage their remote agents and keep them secure in any environment, while giving agents the right tools to create more meaningful moments with customers. The Talkdesk Remote service offers agents easy access to resources like data security through Talkdesk Guardian, Workforce engagement tools with AI support, and Talkdesk CXTalent for additional agents.

Talkdesk Remote also ensures customers get an intuitive platform with a powerful agent-centric experience focusing on great call reliability and quality.

According to the CEO of Talkdesk, Tiago Paiva, COVID-19 put the concept of remote workforces front of mind for many business leaders. With the right contact centre technology, companies can continue to leverage the benefits of the remote workforce going forward.

Empowering the Mobile Workforce with Talkdesk On the Go

Aside from supporting the work-from-home workforce, Talkdesk are also responding to the growing demand for mobile employees too. The new Talkdesk On The Go solution helps companies to support customers wherever they are. The On the Go service delivers mobile communication tools to field teams, remote employees, location-based workers, and outside sales staff.

Tiago Paiva

Tiago Paiva

With Talkdesk On The Go, users can enjoy a consistent, real-time customer experience from a watch, tablet, or smartphone. There’s also seamless integration available with popular CRM systems. The new service helps companies to leverage capabilities like voice-activated personal assistants, and automation.

Mobile workforces will have more control over the way that they deliver high-quality customer experiences. Employees will also move easily between mobile and desktop devices as Talkdesk On The Go consistently stays in sync and offers brilliant flexibility. You can download this service on any mobile device.

A New Approach with Talkdesk

As the demand for work-from-home and mobile agents continues, customer service organisations will play a significant role in the move away from the brick-and-mortar office. In the age of connected customers, businesses can provide consistent, differentiated, and personalised customer experiences. There’s no substitute for an amazing experience in this competitive landscape.

Talkdesk’s new offerings support companies in building a more future-ready workforce full of mobile and remote agents that are ready to support clients anywhere. Check out the new tools with Talkdesk today.



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