Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud: Meet Your Customers Where They Are

Uncover the powerful capabilities of a new retail-specific solution

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Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud Meet Your Customers Where They Are
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Published: July 21, 2022

Sandra Radlovački

Sandra Radlovački

Have you ever gone to a physical store after an online customer service interaction with a brand, only to find out they have no idea what you are talking about?

Or have you ever been transferred from one customer service representative to another, only to repeat yourself for the millionth time?

It’s frustrating.

If only there were a solution that keeps retailers in the loop with everything related to customer service.

Well, look no further because Talkdesk has built a customer service platform specifically for retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods brands that unifies the customer journey across online channels and in-store.

We are all well aware of the importance of digital channels, especially as a result of the pandemic.

Yet, many retailers have failed to connect the dots between their individual digital channels, such as chat and phone, and the physical world.

To drive customer loyalty, brands need a unified view of customer service activity.

That is why Talkdesk created the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud – a better way to connect with, care for and know your customers – wherever, whenever.

The Specifics

Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud is the first AI-powered, out-of-the-box, customer service platform specifically made for brands in the retail, e-commerce, and consumer goods space.

Shannon Flanagan, VP of Global Industry Strategy, Retail & Consumer Goods, Talkdesk, says:

“When building the Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud, we really focused on helping brands drive customer loyalty and lifetime value. Research we did earlier this year reveals that within the service space, the number one driver of customer loyalty is first issue resolution.

“And for agents to accelerate speed to resolution, they need to be equipped with customer data, policies, scripts, next-best-actions, and other tools, all within a single screen.”

The platform includes all capabilities within Talkdesk CX Cloud, with additional retail-specific capabilities that contribute to an effortless, unified, and personalized customer service experience.

Starting with AI and automation, Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud improves customer and agent experiences by equipping agents with AI assistance, retail workflows, and scripts that prepare them for every scenario.

The platform comes pre-configured to navigate common retail inquiries, including order tracking, modifying, cancelling, or returning. For example, if an agent is on the phone with a customer that says “I’d like to make a return,” the Talkdesk system automatically pulls up the brand’s article on returns. The system also shows the agent a step-by-step script in the form of a decision tree to resolve the customer’s issue.

In the case of returns, the agent would be told to ask for the reason for the return, select from a pre-built list of common return reasons, and depending on the selection, the process would continue until completion. The brand can update the script and process in seconds – but the beauty of it being out-of-the-box is that brands don’t have to start from scratch.

With every step and with every conversation, the system collects data. This enables brands to leverage real-time interaction analytics and CX sensors to identify the reasons behind customer inquiries and the customers’ sentiment associated with each topic.

Making use of its AI capabilities, the platform offers pre-trained conversational voice and chatbots to give customers self-service options but with a human touch. Capabilities like AI-Trainer enable anyone to teach the AI what to do when certain words or phrases are said, without the need for code.

When it comes to routing, Talkdesk retail customers are leveraging best-in-class IVR and data-dips with pre-integrated systems to route customers to the right person, whether in-store or online.

Contact center agents also have the ability to assign cases to in-store representatives (buy online – pick up in-store, for example) and have visibility of the case until completion, to ensure it was fully resolved.

Finally, brands can boost agent retention, NPS, and brand consistency by personalizing employee improvement opportunities through performance reports, workforce management, quality management, and customer feedback.

Why Get It?

Talkdesk Retail Experience Cloud offers pre-built integrations with more than 60 platforms, including Shopify, Salesforce, and Microsoft Teams. This enables brands to get up and running in no time while lowering operational costs.

Apart from being an end-to-end and versatile solution, what makes Retail Experience Cloud so special? Flanagan explains:

“It’s unique because it is so retail-focused. It’s made by retailers, powered by retail-specific workflows, AI, and CX sensors that drive analytics to inform cross-functional teams on what’s going on with the customer or the product.

“How we oriented ourselves around product design is that we focused on making it effortless for the customer, the agents, and the business.

“We really came at it with not an omnichannel point of view – I’d say it’s passe, it’s very 2019 – but with the vision to unify the physical and digital. This vision is quite new and we are the only ones in the contact center space who are doing that.

“What we wanted to achieve is to provide a solution for retailers to automate common use cases, out-of-the-box, so that agents could focus on driving growth and delivering exceptional experiences.”

Many brands have added digital channels to their customer service strategy, but few have managed to unify all channels and create a truly seamless experience.

Click here to watch a pre-recorded 5-minute demo that walks you through the capabilities of Retail Experience Cloud. Ready for a deep dive? Request a demo here.


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