The State of CX Outsourcing in 2023

The evolving impact of outsourcing on CX

The State of CX Outsourcing in 2022
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Published: March 11, 2023

Rebekah Carter

Many brands now choose to differentiate themselves through customer experience.

Indeed, around 74% of customers say they’re likely to buy based on experience alone, and 61% of customers would pay more for a guaranteed good experience.

Unfortunately, delivering the exceptional experience your customers are looking for isn’t always easy, particularly as expectations continue to accelerate.

Today’s consumers need the companies they interact with to deliver consistent, fast, and expert support across various channels. Moreover, as self-service options emerge to help customers resolve more transactional issues, agents’ queries have become more complex.

Many businesses are turning towards CX outsourcing to bridge the gap. Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) strategies allow companies to access the support of other CX experts and teams to help them serve their audience. Here’s what you need to know about this emerging market.

The Potential for CX Outsourcing

The global outsourced customer experience market is starting to grow, with research suggesting the industry will reach a value of $81.5 billion by 2023. For some time now, CX outsourcing has stood out as a valuable opportunity for many companies, particularly when filling the talent gap in the contact center environment.

Contact centers, and other business segments committed to customer service and support, often have a high level of turnover and significant trouble when it comes to filling staffing gaps. However, with CX outsourcing, companies can rapidly access the skills they need while keeping hiring costs as low as possible.

The demand for CX outsourcing has grown in recent years thanks to the increasing investment in CCaaS and cloud-based customer experience tools. Now that it’s easier than ever for companies to deliver the tools their outsourced experts need over the cloud, nothing stops brands from scaling their workforce up and down as necessary. With CX outsourcing, companies can:

  • Adapt to Peaks in Customer Service Demand

With cloud solutions now allowing companies to deliver consistent CCaaS tools and other software for CX to users around the world, it’s possible for outsourcing to be an effective and affordable way for brands to scale their service teams to suit changes in demand. Companies can take on additional outsourced staff members during specific periods without paying for permanent employees.

  • Experiment with New Tools

Outsourcing customer service and customer experience efforts means companies can leverage innovative tools and services without spending extra cash. For instance, a small company could outsource its CX to a brand capable of offering access to AI sentiment analysis, video conferencing support, and various other tools.

  • Deliver More Consistent Omnichannel Service

Outsourcing CX requirements to other companies means business leaders can ensure they deliver a consistent customer experience across multiple channels. Most companies offering BPO services to companies have the training required to use virtually any channel to connect with a client.

  • Access On-Demand Expertise

If you want to offer specialist support to clients after rolling out a new service or tool, CX outsourcing allows you to access dedicated experts to help. The outsourcing company businesses work with can even provide additional training for internal team members, so those staff members can deliver the experiences clients seek in the future.

The Trends Influencing CX Outsourcing

As outsourcing emerges as a valuable tool for addressing the gaps between customer expectations and the experiences companies can deliver, new trends are shaping the market. For instance, many companies now offer “customer experience” as a part of their BPO service package.

Some of the most significant trends influencing CX outsourcing today include the following:

  • A Wider Range of CX Services

BPO companies offering customer experience services are beginning to expand on the support they can offer. Aside from providing more people to answer phones and respond to messages, these companies can also help with other CX initiatives, such as customer journey mapping. Some IT-savvy BPO companies can even assist with creating self-service applications, chatbots, and other tools for customer experience.

  • Immersive Customer Experiences

As technology in the CX landscape continues to evolve, the kind of specialist services and support offered in the CX outsourcing space is changing too. Extended reality tools like AR glasses, mixed reality systems, and virtual reality allow outsourcing companies to provide a more immersive customer experience. For companies leveraging these outsourced services, it’s possible to delight customers with engaging experiences and differentiate from the competition.

  • Advanced Analytics

Access to advanced analytics can allow companies offering CX outsourcing experiences to give brands a deeper understanding of their target audience. Today’s tools make it easier to collect information on everything from the stages of the customer journey to the emotions customers feel during different conversations. Experts in BPO environments can even help companies assess their data and understand the trends in customer demand.

  • Aligned Cloud Technology

Greater integrations between cloud technology in the CX landscape can allow outsourcing teams to deliver better service to both their business customers and the end-users they serve. With more capacity for companies to align tools like service desks, CRM solutions, and contact center technology in the same environment, users can access vast amounts of data in the same space. This boosts efficiency and leads to faster issue resolution.

The Future of CX Outsourcing

As work from home has become a more common part of everyday life and hybrid companies continue to appear worldwide, CX business process outsourcing services are becoming increasingly commonplace. Companies are becoming more comfortable assigning various tasks to BPO companies if it means happier, more satisfied customers.

The key to success for BPO companies now offering customer experience and contact center solutions will be ensuring they can match their services to the technology and compliance requirements of the businesses they work with.

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