“Thousands” of Microsoft Customer Service Agents Test Copilot

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service made troubleshooting faster and more accurate

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Published: September 8, 2023

James Stephen

“Thousands” of Microsoft’s customer service agents have been testing Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service in their workflow.

According to the tech giant, customer service agents have found it makes troubleshooting customer queries quicker and more accurate.

It provides agents with an interactive chat experience over knowledge bases and case history, as well as drafting personalized answers to questions.

Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service will be made generally available in October. At the beginning of the month, Microsoft released an all-new Customer Insights offering, which also leverages Copilot.

Geoff Maxwell, General Manager for Microsoft’s Customer and Digital Experience, spoke about the potential of Copilot: “When we apply our tools across tens of thousands of people, that’s an incredible opportunity for us to make sure we actually learn how to apply them and make the product better.

We are at the start of this journey, as many of our customers are. There is so much opportunity here to make it even more effective.

Copilot is an application that uses AI and large language models (LLMs), like GPT-4, to assist workers with everyday tasks, removing repetitive chores and giving them more time to spend on more complex aspects of their work.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot provides a suite of AI solutions for sales, service, marketing, operations, and supply chain roles.

Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support team assists over one billion customers around the world and responds to inquiries from software implementations to Xbox and Surface devices.

With so many cases requiring lengthy troubleshooting to find the solution, Microsoft says that Copilot has allowed its agents to spend more time doing the work that utilizes their skill sets.

Instead of reviewing multiple case histories to try and determine a customer’s ussie, engineers can use Copilot to get a case summarization that allows them to then move on to strategizing a solution.

Bryan Belmont, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft’s Customer Service and Support, commented on the benefits to Microsoft’s own customer support team: “It’s really getting them sharply focused on the work they enjoy doing the most and where they have the most value.

“It takes some of the drudgery out of their lives that no one enjoys but is still really critical for doing a good job.”

The insights from thousands of Microsoft customer support agents testing Copilot’s capabilities within their own flow of work have helped to hone the product, Maxwell said.

Employee Feedback

Michael Simons, Azure Support Escalation Engineer at Microsoft, responds to customer inquiries about Azure virtual machines and storage.

Simons reflected on a pain point that previously occurred during his post-call summaries: “I have to summarise [a] whole transcript in a note so that if someone else read it, they could pick up where I left off or figure out that I solved it this way.

“After that, I write an email with a shorter summary of the interaction to the customer so they have it for their records.

“If you do the math on that, I’m writing the same conversation three different times.”

The whole process is now made much easier with the use of Copilot’s AI summarization capabilities. Simmons describes what it is like to work with Copilot:

It’s like having a sous chef in the kitchen. I’m going to be cooking the meal, but I need someone to keep an eye on the sauces.

Alongside the new Customer Insights offering, Microsoft unveiled many other CX technologies at Microsoft Inspire this year, such as Sales Copilot, Copilot for Teams Chat and Phone, additions to the Power platform, and more.



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