Top Contact Centre Options for Small Businesses 2020

CCaaS for your small business - move your agents to the cloud

Top Contact Centre Options for Small Businesses 2020

A few years ago, contact centre solutions seemed to belong exclusively to large enterprises who could afford to pay dozens of people to sit around answering phones all day. These old-fashioned contact centres required a lot of manpower, plenty of tech knowledge, and huge amounts of investment into hardware for your office.

Today, thanks to the arrival of the cloud and CCaaS technology, businesses of all sizes can unlock the enhanced customer experience opportunities that come with installing and delivering their own contact centre solutions, not to mention the ability to keep your contact centre running despite the coronavirus pandemic. The question is, which tools are best suited for your small business?

While there’s no one-size-fits-all option here, we do have a few favourites to recommend.

1.    RingCentral Contact Centre

RingCentral is one of the market leaders in cloud and CCaaS technology. Not only can you run an effective communication stack with RingCentral, but you can access things like call recording, omni-channel routing, and even back-end collaboration via RingCentral Glip too!

RingCentral’s contact centre is an innovative cloud-based platform, designed to give companies of all sizes a flexible and scalable environment where they can take calls, integrate with their CRM system, and manage agents on the move. Because the service is fully built and hosted in the cloud, you don’t need to worry about huge initial investments either.

RingCentral’s CCaaS also comes with a robust backend where you can easily customise various parts of your customer experience landscape.

2.    Five9 Contact Centre

Five9 is another fantastic company in the cloud contact centre environment, offering businesses access to various high-value tools, such as CRM integration, intelligent routing, and services for increased productivity.

Designed to provide your company with the ultimate all-in-one contact centre, at a price that you can afford, Five9 makes it simple for any business to manage customer experience. From a single dashboard, you can track your sales and customer support network, check for any issues in your communication pipeline, and even tap into predictive AI to enhance efficiency among your team members.

If all that wasn’t enticing enough, Five9 also integrates with a host of fantastic software solutions that small businesses may already be using, such as Salesforce, Oracle, and even Zendesk.

3.    Zendesk

Speaking of Zendesk, did you know the company has its own contact centre solution? Known as “Zendesk Talk”, the service is an easy-to-use and customer-focused solution that integrates with a range of CRM solutions – including the Zendesk CRM.

Zendesk Talk is a sleek and streamlined solution that help companies from all background to reach their goals in CX and customer satisfaction. If you need a contact centre that can evolve and grow at the same time as your business, and you want to start with something that suits your budget, then Zendesk Talk is definitely worth some consideration. The tool also comes with built-in SMS, so you can connect with customers through a range of environments – not just phone calls.

Aside from providing a robust CRM experience, Zendesk also gives you all of the features you would typically expect from a contact centre service on the cloud, such as call recording and real-time monitoring. You can set the system up in a matter of minutes and accessing things like IVR and intelligent routing too.

4.    Talkdesk

Talkdesk is one of the better-known contact centre solutions on the cloud for smaller businesses. Offering robust functionality for a great price, Talkdesk offers features that can help big and small teams alike manage their phone support network. Whether you’re looking for workforce management, or security features that are designed to suit your industry, Talkdesk is here to help.

Perfect for businesses in search of a contact centre with plenty of flexibility and scale, Talkdesk comes with a variable pricing strategy that can adapt according to your business needs. This means that you don’t have to spend a fortune on tools that aren’t right for your company. Talkdesk is easy to use, but it’s packed full of features that can make your contact centre more advanced too.

Contact the Talkdesk team and they can help you customise your contact centre according to your requirements, with things like automation and integrations built-in.

5.    8×8

Finally, 8×8 is a flexible provider of contact centre solutions that provides cloud-based connectivity alongside reliable VoIP services. With 8×8, you can unlock the exact size and style of contact centre that you need, which is excellent for small businesses that need to keep pricing low. What’s more, there’s plenty of support for advanced features like omnichannel routing and analytics.

To keep everything in your workforce running smoothly, 8×8 integrates well with existing software in your landscape, such as Zendesk and Salesforce. Additionally, 8×8 even has a contact centre specifically designed for small businesses that want to access comprehensive tools in a matter of moments.

Quick to provision, and flexible enough to suit a range of needs 8×8 can help you start serving your customers with excellent experiences in no time.


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